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folding screens - red oriental folding screen painted with birds and flowers on antiqued red

oriental folding screen hand-painted with birds and flowers on antiqued red background

Antiqued Red Oriental Screen

oriental screens

overall - 72"W x 84"H
each panel - 18"W

folding screen silver folding screen hand-painted folding screen folding screen details

This full of character four-panel oriental screen is crafted from wood and has a stunning design hand-painted by an artist on an antiqued crackled red background. The back of this folding screen s hand finished in antiqued crackled red. Composition of this oriental screen has a unique structure. Embraced by dynamic decorative border with flower motif two thirds of the oriental screen is dedicated to one large composition that continues from one panel to the next.

The main scene of the screen features different kinds of birds in a nature setting. The bottom part of the screen is divided in four separate and unique compositions; each panel features a beautiful flower arrangement that is realistically hand painted. Among other birds you can see a couple of herons painted on the foreground of the two central panels. The heron is considered a symbol of longevity, and from China comes the practice of regarding this bird as a mount of the gods. When paired in decorative composition with water flowers in China, the herons traditionally convey a wish for success in the bureaucratic examination that provided a major means of professional advancement. Traditional peony tree with its luscious flowers, plum tree with tender blooms, narcissus and water flowers are masterfully painted on this oriental folding screen. Narcissus blooms in late winter and in oriental culture is a symbol of the New Year. Overall tasteful and sophisticated composition creates a powerful and vivid design. This hand-painted oriental screen can truly be considered a mobile piece of art