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folding screens - large decorative folding screen hand-painted with floral and birds motif

decorative folding screen with hand painted birds, flowers and blossoming trees on a silver leaf background

Large Folding Screen

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folding screen silver folding screen hand-painted folding screen folding screen details

Astonishing design, brilliant combinations of colors, impressive craftsmanship and quality painting make this luxurious decorative folding screen a showpiece of artistry. Panels of this folding screen are crafted from wood and are than hand-painted by artist on an antiqued background. The back of this folding screen is painted in antiqued cracked ivory finish. Full of life and joyful energy the painted design of this screen features flowers and a lot of different kind of interacting birds.

Folding screen has one large composition that runs from left to right and is evenly distributed on six panels. Two male peacocks taking center stage in the screen's composition. Glorious appearance and magnificent coloration of these birds always tempted artists; the peacock can be seen as the center of different motifs quite often. Artists portray peacocks in a realistic manner. It is common in Oriental art to pair up peony tree and peacocks in one composition as symbols of love, longevity and beauty. Pheasants grace several panels of this folding screen. When used in decorative motifs this bird represents the south, the sun, beauty and goodness.

Another adorable bird - mandarin duck - is depicted on this folding screen. In oriental culture this bird is regarded as an emblem of conjugal fidelity and joy. In Pairs, the mandarin ducks have been used as decorative motifs for folding screens from ancient times to the present. In addition to symbolizing wedding bliss, these birds appear in art as an auspicious wish, or congratulation, for growing prominence. A lot of other birds are masterfully captured by the artist on this painted screen; among the birds you can see beautiful herons, white cranes, nightingales and doves. All of these birds are representative of good life and good fortune..

Wild geese are also incorporated in the hand painted design of this folding screen. The southward migration of wild geese in autumn was so celebrated in the Orient, that it led to the incredible popularity of this bird as a decorative motif in the fine and applied arts. First used by Chinese painters, decorative motifs featuring wild geese later were adopted in Japan. The importance of this bird in oriental art was further secured by stories of several military heroes who had achieved victory in battle when a sudden breaking of ranks by flying geese signaled an ambush. This protective role of the birds led to their frequent use in decorating furnishings, folding screens, and possibly also their adoption as a decor as a family crest motif. In Japan, as in China, people associate geese with wedding bliss.

Luscious flowers, colorful birds, elegantly scrolled branches with fresh tender blooms masterfully painted on the folding screen creating a magnificent scene that is heavenly beautiful. The design and spiritual massage of this folding screen makes it a perfect gift to a couple, and can serve as an astonishing decoration for a wedding or anniversary