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folding screens - arched top folding screen

arched top folding screen with hand-painted flowers, butterflies and birds

Arched Top Folding Screen

folding screens HPS3156

overall - 72"W x 84"H
each panel - 24"W

list price: $3,437.50
your price: $2,750.00
folding screen silver folding screen hand-painted folding screen folding screen details

This sophisticated three-panel folding screen is made from wood and features an arched top and elegant raised arched paneling. Beautiful design with peony flowers, lively birds and playful butterflies is hand-painted on an antiqued crackled black background by artists. Each panel of the folding screen has a unique composition painted inside the raised wood trim. Beautiful composition of flowers, plants and birds are one of the primary matter encountered most frequently on a folding screens. The representation of plants and flowers on this folding screen is predominant. This decorative folding screen doesn't have a center scene, but each of the four panels presents a distinct design.

Wood trim is finished in antiqued gold and elegantly framing each hand painted scene. The back of the room divider has an antiqued crackled black finish and feature painted peony flowers with precise details.

Pictures on a folding screen often have a symbolic meaning. In China its meaning is determined by combination of flowers, plants other objects. In general the science with predominant floral elements and spring birds reflect a future of plentiful progeny, prosperity and long life.

Peony flowers masterfully depicted on this folding screen have oriental origins. The bush peony, the type of flowers most often found in western gardens, rarely figures in oriental art or poetry. Instead, the peony tree, widely cultivated in China and Japan, is very popular motif that is gained prominence in decorative painting and applied arts. The peony been valued for its medicinal properties (the skin of its root being used to treat illnesses related to blood circulation and fiver) as well as for stunning beauty of full flowers. Because of the powerful combination of healing qualities and esthetical value this gorgeous plant get titled as the king of flowers.

Each panel of this decorative screen has several butterflies included in the composition. Oriental culture views butterflies as souls of the living and the dead as well as symbols of joy and longevity. Introduced as a design motif by the Chinese, butterflies have enjoyed widespread popularity in decorative painting on folding screens, room dividers and other home furnishings for centuries. Dynamic composition suggestive of movement and gives a rhythm to the overall design. Each flower petal, each scrolled leaf is masterfully captured by the artistic eye and realistically depicted for us to enjoy this melody of flower for many years to come