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Coromandel screen with Ming dynasty palace scenes

Coromandel screen with Ming dynasty palace scenes

Ming Dynasty Coromandel Screen

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This eight-paneled Coromandel screen is hand-carved and painted with a traditional Ming dynasty palace scene. On this Coromandel screen, the palace scene runs diagonally from the bottom left to the upper right corner. All of the action takes place within the palace walls. On the bottom left corner of the screen, we see the delegation approaching in the carriage towards the guarded gateway. We also see some courtiers meeting on the left of the central pavilion where the host is being honored by two young men. In the front of the central pavilion, guards are lined up - creating a ceremonial path for guests' arrival. The back of this Coromandel screen room divider has a hand-incised bird and a bamboo motif on a black background.