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carved wood wall niche, Modesto

Modesto Wood Wall Niches

recessed wood wall niches SBE0000

26-3/4"H x 18-1/2"W x 5-3/4"P
shelf depth - 5-1/4"
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alder $ 680.00 $ 612.00
maple $ 698.00 $ 628.20
cherry $ 815.00 $ 733.50
red oak $ 775.00 $697.50
wood niche made of alder wood wood niche in cherry wood wood niche in hard maple wood wood niche in red oak hardwood wood wall niche finished

- hand-crafted in USA

- hardwoods and veneers

- 6 individual segments with veins between them

- extra thick base is 5-1/4" deep

- front opening is 23" x 12"

- rough opening is 25-1/" x 14-1/2"

custom finishes are available upon request

finishes for wood niches

Wood Wall Niche

Modesto wood wall niche is hand-crafted in the USA and is available in premium selected alder, cherry, maple and red oak hardwoods. All the wooden niches come unfinished; however, custom finishes are available upon request. Modesto recessed wall niche has a six segment hardwood dome which mimics a shell, rosette and a curved back veneer with decorative grains. These are all framed by straight grained molding and solid base. The wall niche is designed to be recessed between standard 16 inch on center 2x4 construction, which is typical for most homes. Modesto recessed wall niche will add a sense of depth to the wall while adding a touch of historical elegance. This wall niche will enhance the value of your home and will make a dramatic impact to your foyer, hallway, stairway landing or any room in your home. Modesto recessed wooden wall niche is the perfect place to highlight anything you wish to display.

Designers Talk
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Where do I begin?: So many wall niches, so many ideas...

The wall niche collection is divided into two categories. The first includes small decorative niches which can be easily mounted. It is a quick and easy installation of wall niches that does not include making this into a serious project or even cutting a hole in your wall. It is very easy and quick to add an interesting and decorative touch to your home with this type of wall niches.

The second category includes larger wall niches that are made from moulds of classical and historical designs. These particular wall niches have a much greater depth than the smaller ones, making them recessed wall niches. To install the recessed niches, you will have to make a hole in the wall to accommodate the recess of the wall niche. With both types of the wall niches, there is minimal amount of work to be done for such an amazing effect, so your first priority is to decide on the size that you need to accommodate the object or objects that will be displayed inside your wall niches.