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nashville wall niches

Nashville Wall Niche

recessed wall niches TN 2030

30-3/4"H x 17-5/8"W x 7-1/2"D

list price: $ 323.75
your price: $ 259.00
overall dimensions:
height - 30-3/4"
width - 17-5/8"
depth - 7-1/2"

inside dimensions:
inside height - 26-7/8"
inside width - 14"
shelf depth - 6-1/2"

rough wall opening:
height - 25-3/4"
width - 15-1/4"
depth - 4"

Nashville wall niche has a classical clean lines design with gently sloping sides. This wall niche is made from high density furniture grade polyurethane. Recessed wall niche is designed for easy installation and come pre-finished (primed white) and can be painted or faux finished. One-piece construction of the wall niche is the easiest to install and require no additional trim.

Complete installation instructions of the wall niche will be shipped with your order.

illuminating wall niche
Designers Talk
wall niches

Let There Be Light: illuminating your wall niche

To truly illuminate the object and bring attention to it, use lighting inside your wall niche. There are a few ways of doing it. If you would like to simulate the look of natural light, then you should consider using low-voltage lighting. If your wall niche is deep enough, place a low-voltage bulb in the top of the wall niche to have the light come straight from the top.

If you have a smaller wall niche, then you could always have a light source mounted on the ceiling and aiming at the wall niche.

If you are going for an old-world look, then you could leave the wall niche dark due to the fact that in the olden days they wouldn't have the luxury of low-voltage bulbs or ceiling-mounted gallery lights. If you are still dying to have some light inside of your wall niche, then you could opt for a candle - if you are afraid of the open flame, then you could always use a battery powered faux candle.