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madison recessed wall niche

Madison Wall Niche

recessed wall niches WI 4030

30"H x 16-3/8"W x 8-1/8"D

list price: $ 336.25
your price: $ 269.00
overall dimensions:
height - 30"
width - 16-3/8"
depth - 8-1/8"

inside dimensions:
inside height - 24-5/8"
inside width - 10-3/8"
shelf depth - 7-1/8"

opening dimensions:
height - 24-1/8"
width - 13"
depth - 4"

Madison wall niche has a traditional design with key stone and fluted trim. Classic design makes it easy to incorporate this wall niche in a lot of different decorative schemes. This decorative niche exquisitely detailed from hand crafted molds and made from high density furniture grade polyurethane. Recessed niche comes factory primed and ready for painting, glazing or faux finishing.

Complete installation instructions of the wall niche will be shipped with your order

wall niche drama
Designers Talk
wall niches

Why all of the wall niche drama?: Your wall niche.

Many think that the only place you would use a wall niche is in an incredibly large traditional house with huge ceilings and what seems to be endless rooms.

Wall niches are perfect artifacts to add a bit of interest to any house or apartment. Of course, it brings some drama and depth to the overall look of the space, but it is nothing unusual or out of place to see in a usual home - honestly, why does your average sized home have to look average? You alone hold the key to how your home looks an, thereby, how it is perceived on the grand scale. There is a tasteful way to bring in many classical elements and make everyday designs look special.