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Niche features an antiqued finish with gold highlights

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Charlotte Wall Niche

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Wall niche made from high-density polyurethane. Front surface of the niche is reinforced with synthetic foil and pre-primed with water-based white satin paint.

This wall niche has a graceful design with half-domed shell top and fluting on the sides. Installation of this beautiful niche does not require cutting hole in the wall. Charlotte wall niche can be mounted utilizing traditional picture hanging hardware and techniques. With this wall niche you can transform ordinary, unembellished walls into elegantly appointed focal point.

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How to design using a wall niches

Wall niches have been around for a very long time spanning through many different cultures - each one utilizing wall niches in their ways, with their different spin on the designs of the wall niches. The Spanish-style adobe homes had built-in niches that contained their embellishing items. The Gothic style used wall niches in an eclectic manner, while the classically-styled interiors favored cleaner and less embellished wall niches to display their item.

If you either have no wall space for niches, but you like the idea or if you do not want the decorative wall niches in your rooms, you can always use the wall niches as an embellishment for your staircase - it would especially have a dramatic effect on the winding staircases. It is easy to pick out a wall niche that matches your decorating taste due to the broad range of styles that is available. With a bit of paint and the right piece being displayed - you will successfully make a piece that is just the right intensity, the right style, and has the right effect on your overall space.