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boston wall niches

Boston Wall Niche

recessed wall niches MA 4045

45-1/4"H x 27-3/8"W x 11-3/4"D

list price: $ 573.75
your price: $ 459.00
overall dimensions:
height - 45-1/4"
width - 27-3/8"
depth - 11-3/4"

inside dimensions:
inside height - 39-7/8"
inside width - 20-1/2"
shelf depth - 10-3/8"

rough wall opening:
height - 39-1/8"
width - 22-1/4"
depth - 7-1/4"

Boston wall niche has a graceful design with elegant shell motif. This wall niche exquisitely detailed from hand crafted molds and made from high density furniture grade polyurethane. Wall niche comes factory primed and ready for painting, glazing or faux finishing.

Complete installation instructions of the wall niche will be shipped with your order

Boston wall niche
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Designers Talk
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Is there some sort of a rule for wall niche placement?

The best part about this little one-piece installation wonder is that there are no set rules for how one might decide to use a decorative wall niche. If, for example, you have a small space - a wall niche can brighten the space up, make it more intimate, as well as making it more significant with the intricate looking architectural detail. Some use wall niches to give a more dynamic look to a much larger space.

If you are working with a space that is larger and in need of some details then you can also opt for more than just one wall niche and make, for example, a 3 wall niche series displaying items that complement each other as well as the overall design in the space. You can also use multiple wall niche styles to create an interesting design. The only true rule that applies to wall niches placement is the same that applies to art it should be at eyelevel of the viewer.