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Atlanta Wall Niche

wall niches AN310

11-3/8"W x 20"H x 3-1/4"D

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Atlanta wall niche made from high density polyurethane. Front surface of the niche is reinforced with synthetic foil and pre-primed with water-based white satin paint .

Atlanta wall niche can be mounted utilizing traditional picture hanging hardware and techniques. This decorative wall niche is design with simple lines and graceful curves.

decorative wall niche
Designers Talk
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Let the decorative wall niche add to the conversation

While furniture and room arrangement reveal your taste to people, it is the finishing touches that really tell others who you are. Its small things such as a rug pattern, books that you leave out on the coffee table and other items that you choose to display. To display small items is not only to look at them, but to let people into whom you are and what you are. While being a conversation piece of its own, a decorative wall niche is also a great way to draw attention to that item that you are using to tell a story about yourself.

Shelving an item might make it look almost forgotten or that it is there by mistake, chance, or an afterthought. Encasing the item in a wall niche will not fail to show the importance of it to you and to who you are. That is the beauty of wall niches, while they bring architectural structure and interest, its main purpose is to show off you and your interests. Wall niche is the perfect detail that works for you and your home.