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Tampa Wall Niche

recessed wall niches FL 302

33-1/4"H x 19"W x 4-3/4"D
shelf depth - 7"

list price: $ 220.00
your price: $ 198.00

Tampa wall niche has a classical clean lines design with gently sloping sides. This decorative wall niche is made from high density furniture grade polyurethane. Recessed wall niche is designed for easy installation and come pre-finished (primed white). One-piece construction of the wall niche is the easiest to install and require no additional trim.

Complete installation instructions of the wall niche will be shipped with your order.

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Wall Niches: art and display case in one

Tired of not being able to really show off the beauty of smaller decorative items? It is the reason why many people's mantels are simply littered with small items. There is a way to make your home's architecture look more refined while being able to show off your beautiful artifacts. Having a beautiful wall niche in your home is a great way to spice up your wall as well as to draw attention to a piece of art that you would like to display.

For more of an impact: choose a few items that are similar in style and get 3 or more wall niches. If you display your wall niches on the same wall, it will add an unexpected touch as well as quite a dramatic effect. It is a great way to create an accent wall - you may even like to consider painting the wall behind it a bright solid color. This transformation might take some planning, but can be executed in just a day! Could always be a great surprise for anyone who is looking to punch up a room's decor, but is at a loss as to how it could be managed.