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wood wall niches
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Marietta Wall Niche atlanta wall niches
wall niches atlanta
Atlanta Wall Niche
wall niches GA750

28-1/4"H x 16-3/8"W x 6-1/4"D

list price: $140.00
your price: $126.00
wall niche
wall niches AN310

11-3/8"W x 20"H x 3-1/4"D

list price: $111.00
your price: $88.80
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charlotte wall niches
wall niches charlotte
Charlotte Wall Niche nashville wall niches
wall niches nashville
Nashville Wall Niche
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recessed wall niches TN2030

30-3/4"H x 17-5/8"W x 7-1/2"D
shelf depth - 6-1/2"

list price: $323.75
your price: $259.00
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tucson wall niche
wall niches tucson
Tucson Wall Niche madison wall niche
wall niches madison
Madison Wall Niche
recessed wall niches AZ300

38-1/4"H x 18"W x 3-3/8"P
shelf depth - 6-3/8"

list price: $281.00
your price: $224.80
wall niche
recessed wall niches WI4030

30"H x 16-3/8"W x 8-1/8"D
shelf depth - 7-1/8"

list price: $336.25
your price: $269.00
wall niches
Boston wall niches
wall niches boston
Boston Wall Niche tampa wall niche
wall niches tampa
Tampa Wall Niche
recessed wall niches MA4045

45"H x 27"W x 11-3/8"D
shelf depth - 10-3/8"

list price: $573.75
your price: $459.00
wall niche
recessed wall niches FL302

33-1/4"H x 19"W x 4-3/4"D
shelf depth - 7"

list price: $220.00
your price: $198.00
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hilton wall niches
recessed wall niches
Hilton Wall Niche charleston wall niches
wall niches charleston
Charleston Wall Niche
recessed wall niches MA5030

39-1/4"H x 21-3/4"W x 9-1/2"
shelf depth - 8-1/2"

list price: $448.75
your price: $359.00
wall niche
frame mount niches SC3030

29-3/4"H x 16-1/2"W x 4"D

list price: $123.75
your price: $99.00
wall niches
maryland wall niches
wall niches maryland
Maryland Wall Niche  
recessed wall niches MD6052

51-1/8"H x 25"W x 13-1/4"D
shelf depth - 12-1/4"

list price: $573.75
your price: $459.00
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Wood Niches

wood wall niche davie
wood wall niches
Davie Wall Niche modesto wooden wall niche
wooden wall niches
Modesto Wall Niche
wood niches SBR0000

26-3/4"H x 18-1/2"W x 5-3/4"P
shelf depth - 5-1/4"

* in alder, cherry, and red oak
wood niches SBE0000

26-3/4"H x 18-1/2"W x 5-3/4"P
shelf depth - 5-1/4"

* in alder, maple, cherry, and red oak

interesting to know:

The recessed wall niche is a unique architectural embellishment with some captivating qualities. The name "niche" derives from a French word meaning "to nest", a definition that captures the wall niche aspect of a cradle or sacred place. With its arched shape and half-domed shell, the decorative architectural niche is also suggestive of a shrine, a symbolic temple, much like the miniature household shrines found in Eastern cultures. Indeed, wall niches found in churches and sacred buildings of many religions. There wall niches displayed statuary and various other objects.

decorative wall niches

Decorative Wall Niches

It is very easy to visually enhance and add aesthetic beauty to foyers, hallways, stairway landings or any room in your home with our rich and inviting wall niches. Decorative wall niches not only bring architectural interest to a wall, wall niches also proudly display a home's most personal items.

As an architectural room elements, wall niches are natural focal points that invite guests to ask questions about a particular piece that is displayed inside the niche. Wall niches land a sense of depth to a wall while adding a touch of historical elegance. Recessed wall niches as well as wall mount niches have many uses and decorative functions. All decorative niches, either wall-hung or built-in, are fundamental decorating tools that bring individuality to a design scheme.

Wall niches are a great place to display special artifact, sculpture or flower arrangements while creating classic charm and sophistication. Wall niches provide an opportunity to add texture and depth on an otherwise flat space. Replicated from "old world" designs, the styles of our wall niches range from simple elegant to extraordinary ornate patterns.

We divided our wall niche collection into two parts. In the first category we have included small decorative wall niches that are wall mounted. Any person can easily install these wall niches quickly and easy, because installation does not require cutting a hole in the wall. Small wall niches are great for adding quick decorative touches to your home. The second part of our wall niche collection includes large decorative wall niches that are crafted from hand cast molds in classical traditional designs. Most of these wall niches are recessed niches. Large recessed wall niches have a much greater depth than smaller wall mount niches. For this reason installation of decorative recessed polyurethane wall niches require cutting a hole in the wall to accommodate the recess. All our wall niches are made from extremely durable material - high density furniture grade polyurethane. With our wall niche you can transform ordinary, unembellished walls into elegantly appointed focal points.

Design with Wall Niches

Decorative wall niches had been a popular architectural interior ornament since ancient times. Gothic architecture favored the eclectic use of wall niches, while classical interiors employed wall niche more as striking displays for busts, urns or vases. The wall niches were also a common element in the stucco- and adobe-walled homes of the Mission and Spanish Colonial styles. Stairways are great locations for niches. This is especially true of long winging stairs that have large expanses of wall space. Our one-piece construction prefabricated wall niches are available in a fairly broad range of styles. With addition of a little paint and, of course, the right display piece you can make one an appropriate accent for most homes.

A home's decor and furnishings may reveal a lot about the owner's taste, but it's the decorative items and the way they are displayed that tell the personal stories. People use wall niches to display their favorite pieces not only because they like to view them, but also because they want their homes to reflect their lives and experiences, and they want to share their prized memories with guests. Decorative wall niches hold conversation pieces and can itself be worthy of comment and admiration. An attractive well designed and well placed quality wall niches are an instant focal point that adds architectural detail and personal touch.

decorative niches

Decorating with Wall Niches

A small space can be made more intimate by a single wall niche. Pairs of wall niches decorate on a larger scale. Placing one wall niche to either side of the passageway creates a pleasing three-part composition and a grand entrance. To the same effect, pair of wall niches can accentuate a significant piece within a large room area. Decorative wall niches are found in all types of houses - any where the architect or homeowner sees the need for an original architectural detail or special place for favorite items. Wall niches work well in hallways and other traffic areas. In such places wall niche can have a significant visual impact without encroaching on the space. But with greater flexibility of sizes and styles available, wall niche can be added to any type of room.

As typically seen in many homes today, very tall, narrow, and shallow wall niches create drama, but it does not necessarily make a positive design statement. Just as fat walls and arches make a passageway look substantial and contribute to an overall feeling of quality in a home, deep wall niches do the same.

Deep wall niches provide perspective, subtly making a room look and feel larger. A deep niches create the opportunity to display a treasured object or create interesting lighting effects, while adding architectural character to a room. Wall niches, like arches, come in many shapes. The depth of wall niches depends on the framing of the wall in which they are set. If you have a decorative object such as a sculpture or a vase that you want to highlight, you might plan your wall niche with the size of your object in mind. Work out the framing parameters during the planning stage of a remodel or new construction. The height and width of a wall niches are easy to incorporate into a wall, but the depth can be more difficult.

Wall niches can be made from a variety of materials in an assortment of shapes. For an old-world look, wall niche can be made of stone or finished to look like one. When constructed of drywall, wall niches can be painted a different color than the wall, given a contrasting texture, or enhanced with an unusual decorative treatment such as wall flowering. Built-in wall niches can be lined with mirrors for a more contemporary look.

In terms of lighting wall niches, there are several methods to consider. Many prefer using low-voltage lighting whenever possible, as they find that it most effectively simulates the look of natural light. One low-voltage light placed at the top of a wall niche will usually light the area. Or, you can place the light source several feet away in the ceiling and aim it at the wall niche. Again, it depends on the look you are trying to achieve. If you want an authentic old-world look, you should not put a light in the wall niches; obviously an ancient wall niches would not have contained an electric light. Candles are another great way to light wall niches. They create a warm and romantic atmosphere.


Wall Niches Placement

As with pictures, a wall niches look they best when located on a proportionately sized wall. Small wall niches can easily get lost or seem oddly insignificant against a large wall area. There are exceptions to this rule, however, such as areas where the eye is naturally drawn, like the wall space opposite the top of a staircase or to the side of passageway.

Because most of the wall niches project only a short distance from the wall, they work well as accent pieces in hallways and other confined areas of the home. A stairway landing is another great location for a decorative wall niches. When installed on a stairway landing wall niches can house fixtures for decorative night-light or display a special piece that you enjoy seeing every day.