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Oval Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirrors VM594I

24" x 34"H

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oval Venetian glass mirror

Elegant oval Venetian mirror framed in hand-etched glass with scalloped trim. Hand etched design featuring scrolled leaf and flowers motif. Scalloped mirror trim is crafted with gold highlights, beaded glass edging, and embellished with eighteen beautiful rosettes hand-crafted from translucent glass with milky-white highlights. Four smaller rosettes with gold highlights grace the inner border of this Venetian mirror. This Venetian mirror is hand-crafted in Italy

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Venetian mirrors manufacturing goes back to Renaissance, when Venice-Murano stood as the unrivaled center for mirror glass production. The pieces blown in the Venetian shops astonished the world with their thinness, brilliant clarity, and colors. Royalty throughout Europe stocked their palaces with Venetian mirrors. The making of Venetian mirrors is a storied tradition in the history of craft: it survived through the centuries to this day

Venetian mirrors for centuries were objects of desire. Obtained by nobles, Venetian mirrors represented luxury and wealth. The long journey of Venetian mirrors is surrounded by mystery, romance, and palace intrigues. Venetian mirrors are hand crafted masterpieces and present incredible value. Venetian mirrors history started on the tiny Italian island of Murano in Venice where the art of hand blown, hand-etched glass and goes back to the Renaissance. In the 16th century real Venetian mirrors were a rare objects and almost all of them were custom made for royalty and nobles. Back then Venetian mirrors or at least "Venetian style mirrors", could also be purchased, but only from well-stocked, high-end Haber-dasher who specialized in valuable objects. Indeed, beautiful Venetian mirrors could not be found just anywhere. For centuries Venice produced the purest mirrors in the world, set in precious frames made of beveled glass borders and skillfully adjusted with metal screws. The Venetian mirrors industry expanded and wiped out all competitive initiatives from abroad. What brought about these results, in fact, was the quality and proportion of mirrors and there components, combined with the artisans experience accumulated over hundreds of years