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oval Venetian mirror with hand-etched glass

hand-crafted oval Venetian glass mirror with gold highlights, glass edging and rosettes

Oval Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirrors

oval Venetian mirror Venetian glass mirror

Oval Venetian mirror with hand-etched glass. Venetian mirror has a twisted clear glass trim that is embellished with glass ribbons and rosettes. Mirror frame has flowers and scrolled leaf design that is hand-etched by Venetian artisans. Wall mirror has a solid wood back. The traditional characteristics of Venetian glass in this mirror are obvious: namely unsurpassed clarity, lightness of weight, brilliance of color, and ductility, which permits the astonishing fantasy of form. The superb technical skills and aesthetic tastes of Venetian glassmakers on Murano are clearly evident in the exquisite details of this Venetian mirror. If our reflections in the mirror shared the same qualities as the mirror itself, these Venetian glass mirror would be the one to peer into. Like the mirror, we would sparkle, reflecting light throughout a room. This oval wall mirror is hand crafted in Italy

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Venetian glass mirrors were first used as a decorative device - as opposed to a looking glass - in drawing rooms or ballrooms. The ornate frames of Venetian mirrors were often etched or smoked with additional pieces of mirror layered onto the frame. Elaborate Venetian mirrors are made in multiple steps. Each of the pieces of clear or colored glass that make up the stunning elaborate composition is hand cut or hand blown, shaped, beveled, polished, and the design is hand etched into the surface. Then each piece of glass is backed with silver. Finally all the pieces are assembled and fastened onto a wooden mirrors substructure.