Italian style decorative mirror
Italian style mirror
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Neoclassic mirror
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Adam style mirror
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Baroque style mirror
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Sunburst mirror
unique wall mirrors

Unique Wall Mirrors

Unique wall mirrors are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes in frames to fit any decor. Wall mirrors are a helpful tool for interior designers and decorators. Wall mirrors can add beauty and multiply space. With decorative wall mirrors you can conceal unattractive structural features. Wall mirrors will distribute and double light, brighten the dark areas, and bringing life to the otherwise drab room. Because of their myriad uses, decorative wall mirrors have steadily increased in popularity and now mirrors play an indispensable role in the styles of interiors.

By combining decorative wall mirrors with wall sconces you can create a dramatic statement in any room in your home. If you place or hang decorative wall mirrors opposite to a flower bouquet, you double the impact of both. Decorative wall mirrors are perfect back drop for accessory grouping. The use of decorative wall mirrors in your home can profoundly alter the energy of a room.

Wall mirrors can transform the shape of a room and bring in light. Starting from the seventeen century lavish wall mirrors of grand design and size were part of royal interiors. For 17th and 18th centuries royalty much of their life passed under the reflective eye of the wall mirrors. Louis Xiv filled Versailles with with elaborate wall mirrors. In the Hall of Mirrors in the palace, the were wall mirrors on a line of seventeen arched doors, each curved at the top so the richly framed glass flowed across the room in waves.

In other rooms of the palaces wall mirrors were placed so they captured images of each other, thereby filling the spaces with glassy never ended path. There were wall mirrors set in the paneling, and mirrors took the light of candles and made a sun's dawning of it. With the onset of the French Revolution in 1789, the wall mirrors of royalty, many set in frames of gold and silver, soon belong to the people