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Venetian mirror with scalloped top and hand-etched glass; Venetian mirror

Venetian mirror with scalloped top and hand-etched glass

Scalloped Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirrors VM876

22-1/2" x 36"H

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Venetian mirrors Venetian glass mirrors Venetian glass mirror

Elaborately designed beautiful vertical Venetian mirror with scalloped top framed in hand etched glass with leaf scrolls and flowers design. The trim on the top of the Venetian mirror is adorned with five hand blown clear glass rosettes and has beaded edges and golden highlights. Inner and outer trim of the mirror frame made of double twisted glass with gold highlights. Four rosettes and ribbed ribbons with golden highlights defining composition of mirror frame and completing its design. Back of this Venetian mirror is made of wood. Mirror is hand-crafted in Italy

"Just wanted you to know the mirror I ordered is simply fabulous and I am thrilled with its beauty.

Thanks again,, John"
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Venetian mirror-making as practiced in centuries is decidedly low-tech. It is men and women artisans with high skills, blowing glass, lovingly cutting it, polishing and engraving it with etched designs, squishing the last turn of perfection from the hand-work so that light becomes the music of the mirror piece - the dance of it through the fine embellishments of the mirror, or the soft sparkle of gold in and about a twisted border. That is the way Venetian mirror-makers from Murano made the world catch its breath over there work. Of all the beckons along the trail of the early history of mirrors, nothing does so as compellingly as Venice and Murano. Carryover mirror making traditions from the golden age is still in place, still making mirrors of the highest quality and reproducing historical designs. The methods of today's Venetian mirror-production are departure from the past. Historical designs combined with work of Venetian glass blowers resulting in making of mirrors touched by the genius of Italian form. Venetian mirrors are mirrors of luster, elegance and dazzling gold.

genuine Venetian glass mirrors; Venetian mirror with scalloped top and hand-etched glass