Louis XV style mirror with leaf design. Mirror has a carved wood framed hand painted medium brown finish and antiqued gold leaf trim
Louis XV mirror
18th-century Tuscan style carved wood mirror with shell, leaf and floral carving, hand-painted medium brown finish and antiqued gold-leaf trim
Tuscan style mirror
antique Venetian mirror framed in hand-etched glass with antiqued gold highlights, trimmed with glass ribbons and rosettes
antique Venetian mirror

Mirrors Placement

Positioning Mirrors

If you are the one of those people who doesn't like illusions and mystery, bored by multiple repetitions, and the word "eternity" awakens sad thoughts - it's means that mirrors in your home are used only for its direct function. In this case it is going to be enough to supply your home with mirrors for two locations - the entry, and the bathrooms.

Lavish interior with glorious mirror in elaborate carved wood frame with gold leaf finish, beautiful arrangement of decorative accessories and luxury furniture; luxury decor inspiration; interior decorating ideas

There is several simple rules that you have to follow, to save yourself time and avoid costly mistakes:

- Mirrors always should be hang strictly vertical.

- Position your mirrors so direct open light from lighting fixtures wouldn't reflect in the mirrors, in other words the lighting source reflected in the mirrors shouldn't "blind" the person.

- The distance from the floor to the top of the mirrors should be no less than 6 feet.

- The distance from the floor to the bottom of the mirrors should be at least one in a half foot.

- And one more important thing, when placing a mirror you should count on at least three to five feet of open space in a front on it so a person has an opportunity to step back while looking at the mirror.

In a well composed room, mirrors were used to emphasize the symmetry of a space. A good room, unless perfectly square, would have a major and a minor axis and mirrors would be used to emphasize one or both.

luxurious study decor featuring elaborate mirror, elegant desk and armchairs; home office design ideas; decorating inspiration

In a modern room, a mirrors hung on the wall might occupy the position that a built-in mirror might have had in earlier times. And: While large mirrors accentuate some spatial attributes of a room, small mirrors, even tiny ones, can acknowledge a room's symmetry. Small mirrors might be used above a door if the door is occupying the center of the room, or in the middle of a bookcase if that would corroborate the room's symmetry.

elegant house with luxurious design and beautiful carved wood mkirror; decorating ideas; home entry inspiration

Mirrors Placement

If mirrors are functional, they must be hung with their center at average eye height-about 5 feet (l.52m) above the floor.

Elegant black and white study design featuring decorative wall panels,  chair, black desk with black glass lamp and round mirror; home office design ideas; elegant decor inspiration

If mirrors are purely decorative, they might be used at any height.

living room decor with golden convex mirror over the fireplace mantel flanked by stately cabinets, and two yellow armchairs; living room design ideas; decorating inspiration

If mirrors are hung high, they may be tipped at a slight downward angle to reflect something more interesting than the ceiling.

If mirrors are hung lower than eye level, they will probably reflect furniture or fabric - some aspect of the room that you appreciate and wouldn't mind duplicating. If a mirror is hung low, the reflection will shift as you move about the room, so unless a mirror is stationed across from a desk or a bed-someplace where you'll generally be idle its reflection will constantly change.

Contemporary bathroom decor featuring beautiful Venetian glass mirror flanked by two silver sconces; bathroom decor ideas; powder room design inspiration

In the bathrooms mirrors are usually hung above the sink, so you can have a good view of your upper body. Because functionality in the bathroom is very important, it is good idea to have a small swing arm mirror in combination with a large over sink mirror. Swing arm mirrors are very convenient in providing a close up view during morning rituals. If your bathroom size and configuration allows, two mirrors on the opposite walls in the front of each other could be placed. This mirrors configuration will provide a good view of the back that is very helpful while styling hair. It will free you arm from holding the mirror in the front of you, and, additionally, it will visually expend the space and make a room appear brighter.

In entrees mirrors has to have a more formal appearance, that is why decorative framed mirrors are appropriate. Decorative mirrors could be placed above a consul table, creating an eye catching composition, greeting your guests with style and elegance.

In the walk ways mirrors look great when placed on the side walls, creating a more spaces feeling. Mirrors could be placed in the front of each other and highlighted with a soft lighting, creating and intriguing world of multiple images.

Mirrors in the kids bedrooms should be peaked and placed following safety considerations. You can have fun with mirrors for this room, they can have a wooden frame, be whimsical, fun and exiting piece of furnishings. While placing mirrors in a kids room you should take into consideration the height of the child. Children should comfortably see themselves in their full height, for this reason, mirrors in kids rooms are usually placed lower than in a regular "adults" rooms in the house.

Grouping Mirrors

If you're interested in hanging a group mirrors together, consider the following:

Vary the scale of mirrors. It will help to create an assemblage that is balanced.

Look for like materials or materials of the framed mirrors that compliment each other. Try all gold framed mirrors, or dark wood mirrors. You can mix a group of antique silver mirrors with matte aluminum framed mirrors.

Consider texture of the framed mirrors. Use simple mirrors with ornate once, crusty old mirrors with smooth new once.

Think about location. A formal dining room demands framed mirrors that give a different feeling than mirrors hung in the family room.

Collection of mirrors, either framed or unframed will not only create a sense of space in a room, mirrors will help enliven it as well.

Creating Illusions

You can make small rooms feel bigger by using mirrors.

Mirror an entire wall. A lot of glass and mirrors companies can fabricate and install large mirrored panels to create a wall of glass.

If you do consider mirroring an entire wall, be certain that the wall underneath mirrors is completely smooth and flat. If not, the mirrors will conform to the shape of the wall and bow, distorting the image.

If you're uncertain about the condition of your walls, consider using smaller pieces of the same size mirrors. The smaller mirrors can be fitted together with thin beveled strips around each mirror and decorative hardware, called rosettes, at each mirror corner. This will create the same effect as larger panels of mirrors but in a more decorative way.

Don'ts of Mirror Placement

There is a several "don'ts" that you should remember, while placing mirrors:

Do not place mirrors under direct sunlight. High temperature can affect there reflective qualities of the mirrors and overtime they can become dull.

Do not place mirrors flush to the wall in spaces with high levels of moisture. In such places mirrors should be slightly tilted from the wall, just enough to provide an air circulation behind it. Otherwise, moister will accommodate behind the mirror, and it can cause a dark stains on the wall.

Do not place mirror tiles on the floor.

Do not place mirrors on more than two walls in the room. Too many mirrors can make people feel uncomfortable.