Ceiling Medallions
Whether ceiling medallions adorn lighting fixtures or simply used as a decorative ceiling or wall element, our vast assortment of ceiling medallions styles will embellish any room decor

We offer a large online ceiling medallion collection. To allow for quick selection we have broken our ceiling medallion collection into four categories :

- ceiling medallions under 15"
- ceiling medallions form 15" to 20"
- ceiling medallions from 21" to 26"
- ceiling medallions greater than 26"
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Ceiling Medallions

ceiling medallions
small ceiling medallions
5" to 17"
small ceiling medallions
medium ceiling medallions
18" to 24"
small ceiling medallions
large ceiling medallions
25" to 31"
small ceiling medallions
extra large ceiling medallions
32" to 68"
small ceiling medallions
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Ceiling Medallions as Classic Architectural Accents

Ceiling medallions are classic ceiling accents and were used extensively by decorators, designers and architects from the early eighteen century to the beginning of the twentieth century. With their rich detailing and ornate, deep relief patterns, ceiling medallions were especially favored by the Victorians. They added ceiling medallions to the most principal rooms of the house.

Traditionally the size and details of the ceiling medallion reflected the importance of the room as well as status of a household. Ceiling medallions, like ceiling domes, are often featured above highlighting lighting fixtures in a highly complementary arrangement. Early ceiling medallions were manufactured from plaster and were quite heavy and hard to installed.

From the beginning the purpose of the ceiling medallions was purely decorative. Ceiling medallions were used as an independent decorative ceiling elements. In our times ceiling medallions are also used with lighting fixtures. For this reason center of the ceiling medallion gets cut out for electrical wiring and support mechanism. Also, even though it is a "ceiling" medallion some designers very successfully incorporating them into the wall decor. Click on following links to view most popular medallions for wall installation - star medallion, Pasadena ceiling medallion, Chandler oval medallion.

All of our ceiling medallions come primed white ready to accept paint. Even if you like to keep your ceiling medallion in pure white color you have to paint it. There is a common opinion exist that ceiling medallions as well as other decorative architectural elements in the room have to be painted white. This point of view is not always correct. You should coordinate colors of the ceiling medallions and other decorative architectural embellishments with the overall color-theme of the room.

polyurethane ceiling medallions

Polyurethane Ceiling Medallions

Our ceiling medallions as well as ceiling domes are replicated from historical designs in a modern light weight material that resembles look of plaster by illuminates hassle of complicated installation process. Our architectural products collection has a vide range of sizes and styles of quality ceiling medallions.

Installation of our ceiling medallions couldn't be simpler: mark the desired location on the ceiling: run a bead of adhesive over the ceiling medallion's back side; than tack ceiling medallion into place with a few nails.

If you like to use ceiling medallion with lighting fixture, cut a center hole, using a handsaw or jigsaw, before installing the medallion. Non of our medallions come with predrilled holes.

- all ceiling medallions molded with deep relief design to achieve the highest degree of quality and details
- all ceiling medallions come factory-primed and they are virtually maintenance free
- our ceiling medallions are suitable for painting, glazing or faux finish
- you can use our ceiling medallions with lighting fixtures or as a decorative ceiling or wall element
- ceiling medallions are manufactured from high-density furniture grade polyurethane
- our polyurethane ceiling medallions are water and heat resistant, impervious to insect infestation and odor free
- ceiling medallions give you the look and fill of plaster while they are much easier to install than plaster
or gypsum due to the weight, dimensional stability, precise tolerances and flexibility

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