Marble Fireplace Mantels

marble fireplace mantel

Marble is a natural stone that has an incredibly elegant look to at. Every piece has a unique look even if it is carved from the same rock. It has been used for many centuries in palaces, temples, art, as well as decorating town squares, and numerous other places. It has a great quality of being either formal or casual. This particular stone was made to be looked at and to be admired.

Perfect Marble Mantles

Marble is made from limestone that was made from the heat and pressure of the earth. It changes the composition of the stone. The stone metamorphosizes through recrystalization over time into smooth marble. Marble is softer than granite, but not as soft as soapstone.

The purest color of marble is white, but some people prefer dramatic veining through the pieces of marble - unique in each piece. There are also different finishes that one could have on marble - most go for the polished look, but the honed (or, matte) has also been seen quite often. At times, when someone would like to really soften the effect of the space, they would opt for a tumbled (or, antiqued) finish.

A marble fireplace mantle is a great addition to any living room. It is easily installed and many of our designs would fit in with any existing décor. Our marble mantles are crafted from the most quality marble. The marble is "statuary" grade, meaning that it the same grade of marble that artists use when making their masterpieces. Our fireplace mantles are made from marble that is a creamy Ivory color that makes even the most subtle details look absolutely amazing.

Having a fireplace mantle in your home is a great opportunity to an architectural element to your home. A mantle is an amazing focal point to have in your home due to the fact that they are elegant and while being quite large and taking up quite a bit of space, they are not at all overbearing. A decorative fireplace mantle is an important element in the design world. It is a decorative frame around the fireplace - the word "mantle" refers to the whole thing: everything that surrounds the fireplace, as well as the shelf.

Throughout history, the quality of the mantle reflects the homeowner's status. It was also a great art through which craftsmen could show off their skills and techniques, which propelled the craft forward due to it becoming more and more competitive. Replacing a mantle in your house is adding to or even changing the architectural style of your room, thereby enhancing your whole home.

Having a completely naked fireplace is completely unimpressive and not nearly as cozy as the one that would have a beautiful mantle around it. Everyone dreams of the calm and relaxing afternoon of sitting in front of your fireplace with a nice warm cup of tea - but the only way of making it even more relaxing is to have a beautiful fireplace mantle to look at as to not interrupt the beauty of the fire.

If you are waiting until the perfect mantle or you are just not ready to invest into one, you should consider installing a mantle shelf so as to be able to display decorative objects to make the fireplace opening look more attractive. During that time you could use beautiful corbels to make the mantle shelf look more pulled together.