anchor oil lantern
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Venetian candle lantern
Venetian candle lantern
anchor oil lantern
anchor oil lantern
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Oil Lanterns

Anchor oil lanterns. Among the handful of classic ship's lanterns the anchor oil lantern stands out for its commanding looks and its enduring practicality. Brass sheet beats rust and even acid rain. A hand made glass lens distributes light 360º. Heavy cast handles fold down when not in use, but are available for hooking the lamp up using a bracket, a rope, or a tree branch. Anchor lanterns function on lamp oil, but are easily converted to electric. Above all...its classic shape is handsome, sturdy, and the way it's made will make it survive generations.

Miners oil lantern. This is a heavy lantern. Miner's lanterns were made to the highest standards. Each is numbered and in working order. Exact replica.

Venetian  lanterns

Candle Lanterns

Venetian Candle Lanterns. Venice is not just any old, fabled city. Its history goes back over a thousand years. Venetian fleets sailed out and traded with Damascus, Cyprus, Constantinople. Mansions back home were decorated in a multitude of styles brought back by merchants like Marco Polo. A pair of our little Venetian lanterns at one time lighted the gate and courtyard of a mansion on the Grand Canal. The style is 16th C. Ottoman, but the owner's crest molded on its cage-door shows it was designed and made in Venice. Surely it was inspired by the art and architecture encountered in far away exotic lands. Swinging from a matching bracket our Venice lantern will enthrall, enthuse...and impress. A pair to light a doorway, an entrance... a line of five, six to light a hallway or vaulted passage...

Red pagoda candle lantern. Tao in red... Pagoda lantern exudes elegance and balance. Handmade in French Tole, with near perfect dimensions, it's an exercise in harmony between East and West

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Experience outdoors with oil lanterns
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Lighting up imagination with oil lanterns
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