Beautiful Lanterns

square solid brass lantern
square brass lantern
hexagonal solid cast brass lantern
hexagonal brass lantern
Louis XV style solid cast brass hexagonal lantern with nine lights, antiqued bronze finish and beveled glass panels
Louis XV style lantern
Empire lanterns in French gold finish
Empire lanterns in French gold
empire style lanterns
Empire style lanterns

The Beginnings of Lanterns

Before there were eletrified sconces, there were those fueled by oil - vegetable oil as well as animal fats. Back than lanterns were considered a luxury due to the fact that the poorer people had little oil to spare after they have finished their cooking. Early lanterns, or oil lamps, were not considered as decorative elements until king Teta used lanterns as a design element for his castle interior. While the first true oil lamp dates back as far as the Stone Age, the first bronze oil lamp is thought to have come from Egypt. Upon making it into the homes pre-industrial revolution, the lams had a "chimney top" - designed by Aime Argand - which would let out the smoke out and enough air in to keep the lantern flame going.

Lanterns have come a long way from the oil lamps that they began with. After the artisans perfected the technique of making the brass lanterns, they were free to experiment with different styles and design. The electrical lanterns have an advantage of bringing the beauty to your home in a little bit of a safer way. While candle lanterns do not pose danger to your home, some people get a bit uncomfortable with having flames in their homes.

Effects of Wall Lanterns

Another very important thing to consider is the amount of light that should be coming from the lantern. Different light levels impact the room in different ways. You might like a softer glow, or you could opt for a bright light - it simply depends on the effect and the mood that you would like to have in that particular space.

Another important part of picking out the lanterns is the finish. The bronze finish tends to give you a very clean-cut and simple look that can chameleon into many different styles. New Englanders are very prone to fall for the solid brass lanterns because many New Englanders lean toward creating more traditional looks for their homes. The antiqued finish creates a completely different feel to the design. The antiqued finish gives a smoky and gentle look to it. This particular finish is not to be polished as to not compromise the finish.

Each one of your rooms plays a different role in your house - that also means that they have different impact and different moods. If they are all different, you cannot treat them the same way. You should also think about how to integrate different lighting pieces - you could create many different look by the way you choose to mix, match, and place lighting pieces. You could also make an interesting statement by using different wall lanterns in one room. than you could pick out a lamp to go along with the wall lanterns - you could get incredibly creative and really have fun with it.

Why Would You Get Wall Lanterns?

If you would like to have a more unexpected element in your design, than you should look at our collection of lanterns. The lanterns are made with either antiqued brass or bronze finish. Some wall lanterns that we offer hold one light, others two.

While we have an extensive collection of hanging wall lanterns, we offer a greats selection of wall lanterns. Most of the wall lanterns have a mirrored backing for a brighter lighting effect, as well as adding to the overall size of the lantern itself. When you are choosing a wall lantern, you have to consider how it will impact the overall space. Its greatest advantage is the size - it may be placed in a room that has little available wall space and make a dramatic and bold impact which intern makes the room look bigger.