Table Lamps with Black Shades
solid brass table lamp with antique finish and black shade
lamp with black shade
solid brass table lamp with black shade
brass lamp
solid brass table lamp with hand painted black shade
brass lamp
solid brass table lamp with classic Greek urn design and black shade
brass lamp
solid brass table lamp with hand-painted black shade
brass lamp

Bringing Extra Flair To A Room - Lamps With Black Shades

When one thinks of using lamps with black shades in room decorating, a modern, sleek and updated look instantly comes to mind as a natural part of the room decor. Black accents work extraordinarily well in any room where most of the other accents feature white, light-colored or neutral color schemes. Table lamps add an extra splash of design and color, along with adding light to a darker corner or to other areas in the room that simply need extra light.

Using table lamps with black shades has the effect of grounding the room's color decor and adds an immediate chic look to any space. The best shape of black lamp shades to use for multiple purposes is a round or oval drum shade. Other shape variations work well too, like bell shapes, pagoda shapes or even pleated shades. Black shades always add extra interest to any space and draw the eye toward the accent.

stunning solid brass table lamp with classic Greek urn design and black shade in the home officeome office decorating ideas; lamps
brass table lamp

Whether the desire is to get an area of the room noticed, or to make a certain area blend in well with other darker room features, lamps with black shades are the perfect solution. Black used effectively in decorating can add either a sharp, noticeable contrasting color or it can serve to blend in well with surrounding colors. This is especially true when darker furnishings like those made from dark cherry wood, walnut or chestnut are used in more formal room settings.

Classic interior setting with featuring cast brass lamp with hand painted brass black shade; decorating ideas; black and gold decor; table lamps
brass table lamp

Exploring the use of black shades in a room can help to create an elegant and refined, aristocratic, or a fun and funky atmosphere. It all depends on the other colors and styles of decor in the room. A room with starkly contrasting black and white accessories looks chic and modern. When brass accents are used as a contrasting feature of lamps with black shades, the look becomes more reminiscent of a nautical look or a vintage inspired look.

brass lamps with black shades; home office decorating ideas; table lamps
brass table lamp


Table lamps used effectively brighten a space and add an extra special element to any beautiful decor. They can either add contrast or blend in beautifully in any room where they are featured. When extra light is needed to brighten up a corner where a favorite chair is placed, the light makes reading a great book possible. Excellent, thoughtful home decor makes any room into the room where everyone wants to be.

Black shades will always look stylish in classically designed interiors. Black table lamp's shades have a very sophisticated appearance and vary in shapes from square to round, from rectangular to oval black shades gracefully dressing up our solid brass lamps, adding a bohemian flair.

Try featuring lamps with black shades in a room to add that extra element of style and functionality to the space. Whether the decor is modern, elegant, eclectic or vintage, black accents add that extra pop of an unexpected color to a space. This creates that extra wow factor that pulls the look of the entire room together in the best way.


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