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black ceramic lamp with crystal accents and polished nickel trim
black ceramic lamp L9008
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ivory ceramic lamp L9009
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 black ceramic lamp L9013
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Role of Quality Floor and Table Lamps in Home Decorating

Table and floor lamps do not only provide light, but are attractive accessories as well. Lamps are very important in home decorating. Floor and table lamps can be used to dramatize elements of interior design - line, form, color, pattern and texture. Positioning lamps so that rhythms are created by light and shadow, reflection and diffusions, can impart an active dynamic effect to the atmosphere of your home. Indeed table and floor lamps may be thought of as a sculpture.

room decor with flower lamp; unique lamps
table lamp with cast brass flowers

Sculptural lighting fixtures are not limited to the practicality by any means - our floor and table lamps are works of art. For example, the vase with flower bouquet table lamp not only serves the purpose of providing light, but is highly sculptural and adds a vivid touch to the home interior. Table lamps like this one can be used in any room. Such lamps are welcoming in the entryway, can add a romantic touch to master bedroom, and elegance to the living room.

To create an eye pleasing lighting pattern table lamps can be complimented by similar in design floor lamps. Cast brass floor lamp will be a perfect compliment for a table lamp featured above. Where designers, architects, and artists have turned their energies to floor and table lamps design, striking lighting solutions have resulted.

Floor and table lamps, after all, are tree-dimensional forms - and there is no reason at all why the implicit functionality of floor and table lamps should inhibit the creation of significant and practical forms. Our sculptural floor and table lamps are embody in unique materials, and have a dramatic and exiting structure reflecting both practicality and aesthetics.


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Selection and Placement of Lamps

Table and floor lamps from our collection have integrity and are always appropriate in any setting that welcomes you into the house. Many people select floor and table lamps to go with specific fabrics in a particular room, but remember that materials come and go and you may move, so choose table and floor lamps that will be appropriate in many settings.

Floor and table lamps should be in proportion to the scale of furnishings, height of the ceiling, and size of the room. Avoid extremes- a large dominant lamp has no place in a tiny room, nor would small pendant lamps fit areas that are not intimate or where furniture is larger.

Lamps should suit the furnishings of a room. More elaborate designs of floor and table lamps would relate more to the period furnishings. Table and floor lamps with a simple contours fit best in contemporary settings. Shaded table and floor lamps look better with frosted bulbs as they are used for soft, flattering, general light.



Enhancing Decor with Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are extremely useful for reading as well as for overall room illumination. Tall floor lamps can make a profound difference to your eyes as well as the decoration of the space. Traditional floor lamps are classically designed with vide variety of timeless motifs that always bringing style and sophistication into a home.

You can try two floor lamps in the far corners of your living room. Just as you need two columns to create order, you should always consider using floor lamps in pairs. You can always break up a pair of floor lamps and still have harmony, as long as two floor lamps are similar in style and compatible in scale.

In our collection we have a lot of different types of floor lamps. Swing-arm floor lamps as well as adjustable floor lamps are some of the most popular. This type of lamps are great solution for any chair that doesn't have enough light for you to read and feels emotionally very uncomfortable. While swing arm floor lamps are used primary for reading you can stand them anywhere in a room and they do not need to be one of a pair, each tall stately floor lamps will have an added presence. And because all of our lamps not only have a grate functionality but they are stunningly beautiful, mission of bringing adequate comfortable lighting with style can be easily accomplished.

Swing-arm lamp is a great example were quality, style and function came together, creating an undeniably beautiful lighting fixture. This type of floor lamps are best located near walls. Latest models of the swing-arm lamps have very ergonomic designs and in addition to swing arm they can be easily adjusted in height.

living room design with swing-arm floor lamp and glass top wrought iron coffee table in silver leaf finish; living room decorating ideas; living room furniture and lighting
living room design with swing-arm floor lamp and glass top wrought iron coffee table in silver leaf finish;


The Clear Beauty of Crystal Lamps

Our crystal lamps bring a whole new aura into the room. When you are checking our the quality of crystal from which something is made from you have to look at it and see if multiple colors are visible through it- the same quality that is usually looked for upon buying diamonds.

In the collection of the crystal lamps, there is a lamp that will suit anybody's decorative tastes. The reason why there are so many different styles are available is due to the fact that the technique fro blowing and cutting crystal has gotten so incredibly advanced and precise. A great idea is to mix and match different styles of lamps in on room- it will give it an eclectic and homey look.

Crystal Lamps have been thought to have a positive and healthy effect on the space that it is in. Crystal is thought to be a great receptor of energy, so it is said that it absorbs the negative energy that is present within the room. It is also thought that certain placements of a crystal.

If you do not even want to pay attention to the mythical rumors, you will still notice the effect of crystal on your room- the lightness that it will bring, brighten up the space more than any other lamp will- it will have a perfect airy effect on the overall space. Crystal lamps also have a great reputation for being able to be easily maintained. All that the lamps every really need is some dusting with


crystal accessories and hurricane lamps - beautiful home accessories and finishing touches

Beautiful Hurricane Lamps

Hurricane lamps could be one of the more unusual objects to have in ones room. It has a great effect on the overall space. Having multiple hurricane lamps in a room will make it have much more character and a very exotic feel to the space. Some people choose to punctuate their whole home with beautiful hurricane lamps.

We have a great selection of Hurricane Lamps to fit different kinds of styles and different kinds of effects that people would like for the lamps to have on their space. Watching a lit candle holds the ultimate key to relaxation. I'm sure that it would come as a complete shock to anyone if they heard of someone who would not enjoy a relaxing atmosphere- that is why it would be equally as strange if someone would simply write off having a hurricane lamp in the interior of your home.

You also have to think about the candles inside of the hurricane lamp because there is an array of candles that are available and you will be able to match it to your decor as well or have the candles be accents. Hurricane lamps leave you with endless possibilities- you do not only manipulate how the hurricane lamps affect your room with the style that you choose, but also with the placement of them. You could put them on the end-tables, a large on in the center of the coffee table, or decorate your mantle shelf to make your fireplace look even more interesting and inviting- and as always add a bit of elegance.

Interior featuring Tuscan framed mirror in medium brown finish, crystal hurricane lamp,  18th century English style half-round cabinet with olive burl veneer inlaid with walnut, palissander, boxwood, pear and maple, one door, one shelf inside and antiqued brass lock and key stunning crystal hurricane lamp is hand crafted from solid brass and has a hand blown crystal chimney 

beautiful interior decor featuring 18th century English style inlaid cabinet with olive burl veneer inlaid with walnut, palissander, boxwood, pear and maple, one door, one shelf inside and antiqued brass lock and key; 18th-century Tuscan style mirror and hurricane lamp

stunning crystal hurricane lamp is hand crafted from solid brass and has a hand blown crystal chimney

lovely vignette with elegant hurricane lamp Room decor featuring occasional table, hurricane lamp, Regency style armchair with hand-caned back and decorative folding screen; luxury furniture; interior design inspiration; decorating ideas

lovely vignette with elegant hurricane lamp

Room decor featuring occasional table, hurricane lamp, Regency style armchair with hand-caned back and decorative folding screen;