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flexible LED rope light kit for indirect lighting

flexible LED rope lighting for installation with molding and ceiling domes

153'LED lighting kit includes:
153'00" log LED rope lights, 1 x 6' long power cord, 1 end cap, 150 mounting clips, and 150 plastic ties.

Note: This product is factory sealed and UL approved. It is not meant to be cut and therefore extra power cords and end caps are not included.

LED Rope lights

Product Highlights:

- Clear 1/2" PVC tubing with colored LED bulbs for brighter output.
- UL rating for indoor and outdoor use*.
- Horizontal bulb insertion for more evenly spaced light.
- Bulb spacing 1 inch.
- UV stabilized PVC tubing for longer life.
- Approximate bulb life 40,000 hours (without degrading).
- Available in 5 different colors including: clear (white), blue, green, red and yellow.
- Extendable up to 240 feet on blue, green and clear (white). Available in 30 and 150 foot lengths.
- Extendable up to 360 feet on red and yellow. Available in 27 foot lengths.
- Each rope light kit includes 1 power cord and 1 end cap.
- All power cords have an attached rectifier to stabilize current.
- Energy efficient for 120Volt use.

Safety and Warranty Notes:

1. Note*: Our LED rope-light is UL listed and warranted as a non-cuttable product. If you chose to cut the item - you do it at your own risk - we recommend that it be done by a licensed electrician. Cutting voids all UL and warranty. For clear (white), blue and green a cutting line is noted approximately every 36 inches. For red and yellow LED a dotted line is noted at a cutting length of approximately every 54 inches.

2. When planning your installation, it is recommended you review your plans with a licensed electrician. It is strongly recommended that you read the installation booklet before installing your LED lights.

153' LED lighting:

153' roll in 1/2" diameter LED lighting kits are available in 4 different colors:
orange led lighting
Orange LED lighting kit

rope lighting LED153OR

list price: $298.00
your price: $238.40
rope lighting
red led lighting
Red LED lighting kit

rope lighting LED153RD

list price: $298.00
your price: $238.40
rope lighting
yellow LED lighting
Yellow LED lighting kit

rope lighting LED153YL

list price: $298.00
your price: $238.40
rope lighting