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Marble Fireplace Mantels Installation Instructions

Materials for marble fireplace mantels installation

- Measuring tape
- pencil
- 2 or 4-ft. level
- putty knife
- 2 angle brackets
- 1" screws
- Marble glue
marble fireplace mantels installation

Each Marble Fireplace Mantel Consists of 5 main pieces:

hearth (1)

two side rails (3)

central panel (5)

and mantel shelve (6)

as shown in the installation diagram

Marble Mantels Installation

To install Marble Fireplace Mantel, please, follow these simple instructions:

Step 1
Determine the wall location of fireplace mantel and mark the center point. Measure the length of the hearth (1) and divide this measurement by two. Starting at the center point measure out 1/2 the hearth length and mark. This will be the edge mark for the hearth.

Step 2
Place the hearth (2), on the flat level surface before the firebox starting at the mark

Step 3
Individually place each side rail (3), in the slot (2) found on the hearth than...

Step 4
Secure each side rail (3) to the back wall using a small angle bracket (4) and screws (please refer to the detail drawing). Use the level to ensure that each side rail is perpendicular, adjust as necessary.

Step 5
Place the central panel (5), on the outer ledge of the side rails

Step 6
Center the mantel shelve (6), on the top of the side rails (3) and central panel (5)
Remember to glue each part using the marble glue

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