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ceiling dome chicago
Chicago ceiling dome do not require cutting hole in to the ceiling.

Chicago Ceiling Dome

ceiling domes DOF10

outside diameter - 35-3/16"
inside diameter - 24-13/16"
overall depth - 4-15/16"
interior depth - 3-7/8"

list price: $530.60
your price: $424.48
ceiling domes

Chicago dome for ceiling is a surface mount dome. Installation of this ceiling dome require no cutting.

Chicago surface mount ceiling dome has a simple clean line design. Like all of our ceiling domes the Chicago ceiling dome is light weight and very easy to install. This ceiling dome comes factory primed and is suitable for painting, glazing or faux finish. This ceiling dome is a single piece constructed ceiling dome. Ceiling dome can be used with lighting fixture or without. If you decided to use the ceiling dome with lighting fixture you can easily drill or cut center hole with a pen-knife to any dimension.