Houston ceiling dome shown installed:

ceiling domes

Los-Angeles ceiling dome shown installed:

Los-Angeles ceiling dome
Ceiling Domes
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Charleston small ceiling dome
small ceiling dome
Charleston Small Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM1400

outside diameter - 28-5/16"
depth - 4-15/16"

list price: $398.75
your price: $319.00
ceiling domes
miami ceiling dome
ceiling dome miami
Miami Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM1500

outside diameter - 44-1/8"
depth - 9-3/16"

list price: $625.00
your price: $499.00
ceiling domes
Raleigh ceiling dome
ceiling dome raleigh
Raleigh Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM1601

outside diameter - 44-1/4"
depth - 9"

list price: $687.50
your price: $550.00
ceiling domes
california ceiling dome
ceiling domes california
California Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM2000

outside diameter - 45-3/4"
depth - 9-1/4"

list price: $1055.00
your price: $844.00
ceiling domes
atlanta ceiling dome
ceiling domes atlanta
Atlanta Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM1800

outside diameter - 57"
depth - 9"

list price: $1531.25
your price: $1225.00
ceiling domes
houston square ceiling dome
square ceiling domes houston
Houston Square Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM2200

depth - 3-1/2"
length - 48"
width - 48"

list price: $830.00
your price: $664.00
ceiling domes
maryland ceiling dome
ceiling domes maryland
Maryland Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM2600

outside diameter - 48"
depth - 8-5/8"

list price: $1125.00
your price: $900.00
ceiling domes
austin ceilig dome
ceiling domes austin
Austin Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM2400

outside diameter - 48-1/2"
depth - 5-5/8"

list price: $1273.75
your price: $1019.00
ceiling domes
ceiling dome installation do not require cutting hole in to the ceiling
Chicago ceiling dome do not require cutting hole in to the ceiling
ceiling domes chicago
Chicago Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes DOF10

outside diameter - 35-3/16"
depth - 4-5/16"

list price: $530.60
your price: $424.48
ceiling domes
Los-Angeles large ceiling dome
large ceiling domes los-angeles
Los-Angeles Large Ceiling Dome
ceiling domes CNDM2800

outside diameter - 79-1/2"
depth - 16-9/16"

list price: $3062.50
your price: $2450.00
ceiling domes
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The Renaissance of Ceiling Domes
ceiling domes

Through the centuries, people have been decorating their homes by beautifying them and creating a sense of calm. There is a great assortment of ways to make your house more appealing and creating an original personality with your own signature ceiling. To be at home, there is a desire for it to feel incredibly warm, cozy, pleasing, and calming. Is it simple to achieve such an effect... 👉🏻 the renaissance of ceiling domes

Ceiling dome collection. Exquisitely designed outstanding quality ceiling domes. You can easily create a focal point using our ceiling domes. With ceiling domes you can turn a plain ceiling into an artistic expression. Grand foyers, lobbies and luxurious living and dining rooms are majestically enhanced with the addition of ceiling domes.

Ceiling domes are sophisticated, recessed architectural embellishments traditionally found in finer rooms and grand entryways of fine historical estates. Ceiling domes as an interior architectural adornment flourished in neoclassical interiors. Back then ceiling domes were made of plaster but today they are available in one-piece designs that are easily installed with adhesive. Ceiling domes can be used as a focal point over a dining room table or as a centerpiece ceiling decoration in a great room. a ceiling dome becomes an eye-catching showpiece when used as a setting for a highlighting a magnificent chandelier. Adding a ceiling dome is easiest in a ceiling that has no floors above.

about ceiling domes collection

Ceiling domes introduced on this page have different designs and sizes. All our ceiling domes have integral molding around the trim. The inside of ceiling dome surface vary. It is smooth or richly patterned, some of the ceiling domes are embellished with addition of a ceiling medallion. The broad variety of styles makes our ceiling domes easily find their place in a traditionally designed home as well as contemporary. From small ceiling domes with simple clean line design (like our Isis ceiling dome) to ceiling domes with richly elaborate ornamentation (like Atlanta or California ceiling domes) all of them have one thing in common - outstanding quality and elegant style.

All of our ceiling domes are made from hand cast molds as a single-piece constriction. Single-piece construction of the ceiling domes and light weight makes installation much easier, quicker and less costly than traditional plaster ceiling domes. You can use our ceiling domes as an independent architectural design element.

All of our ceiling domes can be installed with an elegant lighting fixtures or chandelier. In this case center holes can be easily drilled or cut with a pen-knife to any dimension to accommodate lighting fixture's hardware. All our ceiling domes are made from very durable high quality fiberglass material. Fiberglass has long been widely accepted and used in automotive and boating industries for its impact resistant qualities and large product molding characteristics. Our fiberglass ceiling domes carry the same impact resistant properties while simulating the look and texture of world plaster. Fiberglass allows for ceiling domes to be manufactured in a single molded piece.

ceiling domes