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Decorating Ideas and Advice

Create an Inviting Home, Inviting Rooms and Beautiful Happy Life

Decorating Ideas

ceiling decor project
Rather than putting this decorative ring around a center medallion, or around a chandelier ...

ceiling decor project
large niches
Wall Niches come in all shapes and sizes and are not only simply decorative ...

large wall niches
fireplace decorating
Refresh a traditional room that has a grand fireplace mantel ...

fireplace decorating
fireplace as focal point
In many homes the fireplace is not designed to be important focal point ...

fireplace as focal point
interior decorating
Enliven an occasional table with textured amber glass table lamp ...

vivid interior spaces
home entry decorating
The look and feeling of your home entry plays a critical role ...

home entry - first impression
home decorating
Our home decor as unique as each of us is unique ...

creating a unique home decor
masculine decorating
Evoke a masculine atmosphere in the room by mixing hand-crafted furnishings ...

creating a masculine atmosphere
decorating entry way
Your home entry should be a reflection of your style and an introduction to the rest of your home ...

decorating entry way
bookshelves decorating
Books are often the best ornaments in our rooms. They bring color, texture interest, and mystery ...

bookshelves decorating
contemporary decorating ideas
Contemporary furniture can be inspiring if it has clean lines ...

creating contemporary decor
room decorating ideas
No one can afford to be limited physically and emotionally by the dimensions of the room ...

harmonious room decor

Design Ideas

parts for staircase
Staircase not only offer a practical way to get between your home's different floors ...

parts for staircase
staircase details
It is important to have only quality staircase details due to the fact that it is the most dramatic ...

staircase details
attic remodeling
Because the attic is above ground, converting it into a nicely finished room can carry significant weight at the time of resale...

attic remodeling
decorating composition
Grouping items in an artistic arrangement can be an effective means ...

creating an interior composition by grouping
architectural details
Often a room never been touched by designer or architect, and it is up to homeowner to improve it ...

architectural details
decorating style
Eclectic style is about mixing rather than matching, though all design elements ...

a style for those who want it all
closets ideas
Open your closets and look inside. How would you describe the wardrobe for your bedrooms and bathrooms ... home closets
finishing touches
Think of finishing touches as be generous to your rooms, going an extra mile to add flair, polish, grace and love...

Finishing touches
decorating - texture in interior decorating
To artists, architects and interior designers, the use of different textures  ...

texture in interior decorating
decorating with texture
Combination of textures enhances the total visual experience ...

decorating with texture
decorating with mirrors
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Its function is obvious: to reflect the image of the one who looks into the glass ... mirrors and home accessories
Custom framing of mirrors opens up a world of possibilities. If you do decide to go this route, the only caution is that if you're unaccustomed to having frames for mirrors custom made ... framing mirrors

Decorating Advice

home entry ideas
Not every entryway is clearly denned square or rectangular room ...

defining a home entry
entrance ideas
The look and feeling of your grand home entry plays a critical role in setting right tone ...

grand home entrance
wall decor ideas
Framing paper in decorative molding adds a luxe look to a large wall or hallway...

create architecture with wall panels
home entry built-in ideas
Built-in features add more to your home than just an economic storage space ...

home entry built-ins
dining room ideas
The fabrics in your home do not stand alone, but work with all the other ...

dining room decor
decorating with flowers
The home depicted in this picture is light and airy, in warm bright colors inspired by nature...

decorating with flowers
lighting ideas
Go on a quest for more light in your rooms. Reveal light through shiny objects ...

Maximizing opportunities for light
interior decorating
Collecting a few of your favorite things is a joyful way to hone your aesthetic and teach your eye ...

creating a weave of textures
monochromatic color scheme
A monochromatic color scheme is developed from a single hue, but with a range of values and different degrees of intensity ...

monochromatic color scheme
red color in interior
It is the color of the life force ...

the joy of vibrant red color
wall color ideas
If you are selling your house. The perception of newness can be a real asset to your home ...

wall color
creating a color scheme
Of all the decorating elements in your rooms, nothing is more revealing than the colors you choose ...

creating a color scheme

Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas

updates for kitchen cabinets
Your kitchen cabinets are the biggest tellers of your kitchen’s age ...

updates for kitchen cabinets
kitchen cabinets ideas
When you start looking for kitchen cabinets, think about what aspects of your kitchen style ...

kitchen cabinets
kitchen style ideas
To decorate a new kitchen, you must make deliberate choices ...

kitchen style
kitchen design ideas
Giving your kitchen its own personality requires careful consideration focused on decorating ...

kitchen design
kitchen improvement ideas
Kitchen That Sells a House. The Kitchen is the ultimate tie breaker between two very similar looking homes ...

kitchen improvements
kitchen storage ideas
More than anything else, people react to and remember a kitchen's details the special touches...

kitchen storage shelves
country kitchen ideas
Loved by many for its cozy and relaxed feeling country style is one of the most popular decorating styles ...

country style kitchen
cottage kitchen ideas
Cozy, casual and inviting, inspired by the English-country style, cottage style arousing in us a hearty charm ...

cottage kitchen
kitchen textures
There are a lot of surfaces in the kitchen - most are hard with angled edges ...

kitchen textures
kitchen lighting ideas
Artificial lighting is the easiest way to set or change the atmosphere of an entire room ...

kitchen lighting
kitchen countertops ideas
Picking out countertop material used to be a lot easier when there were significantly less choices ...

kitchen countertops

The countertop is no less important than the cabinetry in your kitchen ...

kitchen counters update
contemporary kitchen ideas
Contemporary style is usually associates with clean lines, no architectural embellishments ...

contemporary kitchen
traditional kitchen ideas
Distinguished, elegant, magnificent, and well balanced look identifies today's traditional kitchen ...

traditional kitchen

Bathroom Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas
There are a lot of simple things you can do when decorating your bathroom ...

bathroom decorating
bathroom molding ideas
Addition of moldings in the bathroom can create a powerful transformation ...

bathroom molding
color for bathroom ideas
The bathroom's color palette is as important in creating a mood ...

color in the bathroom
bathroom design with molding ideas
Some may have half or three-quarter baths  ...

bathroom design and molding
bathroom ideas
When your bathroom is thought of as a private sanctuary ...

bathroom ideas
bathroom style ideas
Bathroom is the most functional and personal room in the home ...

bathroom style
luxury bathroom ideas
The luxury bathroom is one of the great rooms of the house, a place for enjoying a few moments ...

luxury bathroom

Bedroom Design Ideas

master bedroom design ideas
If you are starting from scratch in the decoration of your home, the first piece of furniture you buy is usually the bed ...

master bedroom design
A small dressing table is nice for a woman to have in a bedroom, because it provides her with a moment to pause, reflect, and do something to pamper herself ...

read more decorating ideas and advice on this subject
bedroom wall decor ideas
We spend on average six to nine hours out of every twenty-four in bed ...

bedroom wall decor
bedroom closet ideas
How often have you wished you had more closet space in your bedroom? ...

bedroom closet
bedroom lighting ideas
Bedrooms not just for sleeping, these most private spaces need flexible lighting ...

bedroom lighting
bedroom decorating ideas
The bench at the foot of the bed can be useful as well as attractive ...

bench in the bedroom
bed positioning
The right location for the bed in your bedroom can not be determine by an architect or interior designer ...

positioning your bed
bedroom decor ideas
A Bedroom is the most important room in the home because it's world unto itself ...

in order to enjoy your bedroom
bedroom ideas
8 things about your bedroom to consider when selling the house

More Advice and Ideas

ceiling domes
It is natural for people to strive for the best. With every day there is a growing demand for greater comfort and better quality...

The Renaissance of Ceiling Domes
corbels shopping checklist
What do you like? What is your style preference? Corbels come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Incorporating corbels into your decor may seem like a formidable task ...

Things to consider before you buy corbels
Naked Interior Syndrome

Many homeowners plagued by "Naked Interior Syndrome". InvitingHome.com offers antidote: dress up your home with architectural details
Art Deco style
Upon its arrival in America, Art Deco style swiftly enveloped American culture; its widespread applications proved its appeal was based on more than simple visual allure ...

Green Design Ideas

green design Design professional protecting the environment by using sustainable resources whenever possible. For the porous of improving the quality of life, protecting health and environment...

Green Design


There are a lot of things you can do to implement green design and conserve the energy in your home. What can you do to to keep out the cold ...

Green Design: Home Energy Conservation


One of the finest examples of Green Design is the preservation and reuse of historic buildings. The need to preserve America's cultural heritage began in the 1800s and continues ...

Green Design and Preservation of American Heritage


We have a free greatest source of energy - the sun. In most homes, the sun can provide up to about 10 percent of your warmth requirements...

Green Design - Solar Energy


Most people are familiar with the, detrimental effects of outdoor air pollution, but indoor air pollution may be equally (if not more) hazardous to one's health...

Green Design: Indoor Air Quality


The variety of floor materials is so broad that taking your time and making a right choices is very important...

Green Design: Green Flooring Materials


The process of furniture manufacturing, if not carefully undertaken, can harm the environment. When selecting "green furniture", you should look for products that utilize lumber from renewable wood resources...

Green Design: Green Furniture

Mirrors - Decorating Ideas and Advice

mirrors placement
If you are the one of those people who doesn't like illusions and mystery, bored by multiple repetitions ...

mirrors placement
choosing mirrors
Consider the shape of a mirror when deciding where it should be placed in the room ...

choosing mirrors
decorating with mirrors
From a practical point of view, distorted mirrors in your interior is absolutely useless ...

decorating with mirrors
mirrors scale
If the ceilings are high, you might should look at the a heavy framed mirrors ...

mirrors scale
mirrors history
The history of mirrors starts in the III Century B.C. Most ancient mirrors ...

the history of mirrors
Paintings of grand European residential interiors depict rooms with mirrors built into the decorative structure...

architectural use of mirrors
decorating ideas