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Flexible Molding

Add all new dimension to your interior or exterior with our flexible molding
flexible molding

Any molding from our collection can be made in flexible material.

Flexible molding is available in custom lengths from 4 feet to 12 feet, in foot increments only. You can order any combination of molding lengths for your application.

For best recommendation of lengths call Customer Assistance:
(781) 4448001

When installing flexible molding it is important to establish a plan for the layout.

- First, determine which type of flexible molding you will need. Select from: inside radius (concave), outside radius (convex), or arched radius.

Inside Radius Outside Radius Arch Radius
flexible crown molding outside radius flexible molding arch flexible molding
flexible molding for curved ceiling flexible molding for curved wall flexible molding for arche
interior flexible molding exterior flexible molding flexible molding for arched windows

Measure your space to determine linear footage of flexible molding needed. To do this use this formula: 2 x (height in inches] + [width in inches] = footage in inches [divided by 12] to determine linear footage required [B]. Add 10% to total linear footage for corner cuts, then round up to the next foot increment.

For example:
x [height] 12" = 24" + [width] 84" = 108"
108" divided by 12 = 9'
Add 10% = 9' 9" Then round up to the next foot increment - 10
You will need to order 10 feet of linear flexible molding.

flexible molding requirements

If you cannot determine flexible molding requirements, please provide the following information:

a. The width of the opening (A) and the height (B) at the center of the curve; or a template.

b. For all multiple and elliptical flexible molding installations customer must provide us with a template.

full circle flexible molding

When ordering flexible molding for a full circle applications use the following formula: Diameter x 3.14

For example: Your installation requires molding for a 6' diameter dome.

6" x 3.14 = 18.84 linear feet.

Round this up to 20 feet.

Order two 10-foot lengths with a 3' radius (1/2 half of total outside diameter)

flexible molding diameter

Flexible Molding Gallery

flexible crown molding and flexible baseboard molding flexible molding for cureved walls
exterior flexible molding
flexible molding on the ceiling
flexible molding for wall
ceiling design with flexible molding
flexible molding with lighting
flexible molding in the bedroom
flexible molding
flexible trim
flexible molding for round entry
flexible molding with lights
flexible door trim molding
flexible crown molding for bathroom
flexible molding
flexible molding for arched windows
flexible crown molding for decorative ceiling
flexible crown molding
arche flexible molding
arched window flexible molding
flexible molding for dome ceiling
flexible panels for curved sraircase
flexible molding for arched opening
flexible door trim
flexible window trim

About Flexible Molding

All of our molding is available in flexible material which provides an extra dimension to our broad molding assortment.

Flexible molding enable installers to easily create molding radius to accommodate the curvature of almost any application without molding profile deformation or causing excess stress to the mounting surface. Thanks to the flexibility of this molding, it is now possible to decorate rounded walls and ceilings elegantly. Flexible crown and wall molding can be finished using the same methods as with the normal polyurethane molding. Flexible molding is a unique concept for the fast growing decoration market.

It is hard to imagine interior or exterior decoration, whether new construction or renovation, without flexible molding. The quality of the flexible molding cannot be equaled.

flexible molding

Flexible Molding Benefits

- easy to install
- light but not fragile
- easy to manipulate and transport
- can be treated like light wood
- can be painted
- considerably hard and possess strong resistance
- size holding
- large variety of shapes and sizes

flexible molding