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About Our Molding

Introducing a superior architectural molding collection: cornice and crown molding, crown molding for indirect lighting, chair rail molding, panel molding and molding framing corners. "A room without molding is like a picture without frame". Whether your decor are contemporary or traditional in style our molding live up to the most grand expectations. Our crown molding feature classic elegance and old world charm with a large array of distinctive motifs. Our collection is a great source of molding for interior designers, architects, carpenters and homeowners.

You can add a whole new dimension to your ceiling and provide a warm ambiance to your room with our specially designed crown molding where light can be easily fixed from inside. Our molding will make your decor unique and unforgettable. July 2007 Inviting-Home announced New Decorative Sculptured Wood Molding Collection

Green Molding
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Environmentally friendly Formaldehyde and CFC-free molding and architectural products ...

Approaching Molding

Architectural trim or molding not only hides gaps and dresses up corners, it is often the backbone of a room design. The types of baseboard, crown molding, chair-rail molding, and window and door trim you select helps define the character of a room and set the stage for the entire decor. The following articles will arm you with knowledge and help you choose molding that is right for you:

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what moldings are made of

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selecting molding

choosing molding material

architectural moldings

Molding Types

Crown Molding

Crown molding is the most popular type of cornice molding. Crown generally refers to the types of single-piece moldings that are installed on the angle to their adjoining surface. Crown moldings have a profiles that project out on the ceiling and down on the wall and gives a rich appearance to a room.

As its name suggests, crown molding serves as an ornamental capping to walls, cabinets, and built-in furniture. Crown molding also used as a decorative support for horizontal architectural elements like decorative ledges and shelves. Adding decorative crown molding to the relatively simple room provides a certain character that the room would not have otherwise. Many complex looking crown molding profiles consist of the series of simple moldings installed together to achieve a finished appearance. Crown moldings are also used in combination with other moldings to add details to the fireplace mantels and shelves. Click in following link to learn about crown molding installation

crown moulding in the bathroom

Cornice molding

Cornice molding is placed on the top, where the wall meets the ceiling. Even a single piece of cornice molding will add an entirely new dimension to a room. Cornice molding creates s decorative transition between walls and ceiling and works especially well in a rooms with high ceilings.

The term "cornice" describes one-piece molding installed along the top if the wall or above the window. The same treatment made from multiple pieces of molding called build-up cornice. Moldings for cornice come in two main types: dramatic crown molding that is frequently combined with other molding styles for an opulent look.

Crown molding and cornices have adorned interiors for centuries. By counseling and dressing up the joint where wall meets ceiling, these moldings do more than any other to eliminate foxiness in an untrimmed room.

crown molding California

Cove Molding

Cove molding is very similar to the crown molding. Application and function of cove molding identical to the crown molding. The difference between the two in in the profile. Cove molding has a concave profile (bended inwards), while line of the crown molding profiles bends outwards.

Sophisticated cove molding that eliminates the ceiling line creating a curved transition. Wonderful selection of decorative cove molding available in variety of styles and sizes for installation in the rooms with high as well as with low ceilings. Traditionally, cove and crown molding reflected the type and functional use of the rooms they decorated.

Entries, formal living rooms, and master bedrooms usually received moldings with ornate patterns, while kitchens and other more functional areas of the home had moldings with more simple design. Over the years coves and crowns have become much smaller, but most still bear the shapes and styles of their Greco-Roman origins.

Florence cove molding

Chair-Rail Molding

A chair-rail molding divides wall horizontally, usually about three feet above the floor. Chair rails, which protect walls in areas subject to damage by chair backs, have nosing that give way to curved and beveled surfaces that taper back to the wall. Chair-rail molding was originally designed to prevent the tops of the chair backs from denting or marring the wall and was used to protect walls from damage. For this reason chair-rail molding traditionally located about 30 to 33 inches above the floor and wrap around the perimeter of the room.

Today chair rail molding remains a common detail in traditional interiors. Traditional chair rails offer the decorating effect of unifying the various architectural details of the room, such as door and window trim, fireplace surround, est. Decorative chair-rail molding often serves as a cap for a wainscoting or wood paneling. Considered decorative by today's standards, chair rail molding adds a feeling of detail and charm to the walls and lends continuality to a room by unifying it.

chair rail molding

Panel Molding

Panel molding, commonly called a picture-frame molding, looks like a large empty frame, and it is similar to designs on the walls of old colonial and Georgian homes. The placement of the picture-frame molding should be above chair rail height and about 10 to 12 inches down from the ceiling, depending upon the height of your walls. Picture frame molding is delicate in design. This molding measures from 1 to 3 inches in width. Like chair-rail molding, picture molding adds a feeling of charm and delicate details to the room. Wall framing appears at the Georgian period, when plaster began to replace wood panels on the walls. Wall panels provided elegant assent fore large expanses of the walls and helped popularize contrasting color schemes. Paneling on the walls enhancing a room's sense of space. During past century wall paneling became standard in European homes. Panel molding dividing walls into large, aesthetically pleasing units.

Wall frames making a stronger statement than you can make with paint or wall paper alone. You can design and install wall-panel treatment using just a panel molding, or for more graceful effect you can use combination of panel molding and decorative panel molding corners made to feet perfectly with certain panel moldings designs. Usually panels installed just below a chair rail or both - above and below it.

The panels above chair rail maintain the same width and the same spacing as those below. Click on following link to learn about panel molding installation. Panel molding often used to create wall frames, a popular treatment for the lower part of the wall blow the chair rail. Wall frames (or panels) look like a series of empty picture frames running along a wall.

When moldings are painted in the same color as the surrounded walls, they lend a sculptural quality to a wall surface, adding texture and shadows. If moldings are painted to contrast with surrounding wall, as shown on the picture to your left, they can create a striking three dimensional appearance of varying depth and dimensions. This type of wall treatment is very popular for staircases and entries.


Baseboard Molding

Baseboard molding protects the bottom of the wall from ware and tear and hides irregularities where the wall and floor meet. The area between the chair rail molding and the base molding is called dado. Base molding gives the floor line a higher profile and can be as elaborate or simple as you like.

Baseboard molding from our collection provides an assortment of high impact-resistant polymers that allows the user to design a matching interior throughout the home. More durable than most wooden baseboards, our baseboards are easy and quick to install using adhesive and common woodworking tools. Saving installation time and money, the molding is primed and ready for direct color application to match or complement the walls and floor. The molding line includes multiple fashion options to match any room with any decorating scheme, while requiring no special maintenance beyond installation.

miami baseboard

A shoe molding is installed along the bottom front edge to hide unevenness in the flooring an gives the baseboard a finished look.


Molding for Indirect Lighting

Molding for indirect lighting is a beautiful decorative addition to residential and commercial interiors. Innovative architectural moldings designed to be fixed only on the wall surface allowing light to be installed behind them. This molding is light weight, quick to install, and delivers ambiance with beautiful results. Moldings from this collection gives you sophisticated architectural details with clean vivid profiles that blend perfectly with any design scheme. Molding with lighting is popular for numerous applications. With this molding you can add romance to a bedroom, majestic affect to the entry, accents to the hallway, or ambiance to the dining room. In general up-lighting to the ceiling makes ceilings appear higher. That is why this molding is suitable for installation within spaces with low ceilings. To achieve a maximum lighting effect molding should be installed at leas 6" below the ceiling.

modern bathroom decor with molding and indirect lighting; modern bathroom inspiration; bathroom molding and lighting ideas

Baseboard with LED lights. Unique baseboard designed for installation with LED lighting. This wonderful baseboard design is very popular. Along with extreme durability benefits this baseboard gives you an opportunity to add accent lighting, and highlight your beautiful hardwood or marble floors. LED lights and accessories are designed specifically for installation with baseboard molding. This lights are shock and water resilient and provides a soft glow creating a floating effect. This baseboard lighting solution is irreplaceable when it comes to a home theater. Aside of amassing visual effect of the lighted baseboard, if you would like to get more snacks during the move, sinking out to the kitchen is a safe task with baseboard lighting. This baseboard successfully used on raised floors and stair steps.

baltimore baseboard molding with LED lights

Baseboard molding with rope lighting. Easy way to incorporate accent lighting in the architecture of your home is to use it with the baseboard molding. Rope lights come in a different lengths and variety of colors and can be easily installed behind baseboard molding. This configuration of molding and lighting is popular for commercial applications as well as for an entry ways and long hallways in contemporary homes.

rope lighting and baseboard molding

Frieze Molding

There are other types of molding that are especially effective in enhancing the look of your walls. Chair rail, picture rail and frieze moldings are horizontal wall molding that, while less common than baseboard and crown molding, have been popular features of many house styles and have rather interesting origins and functions. Perhaps your room longs for decorative frieze molding.

The Frieze molding is a wide band, often ornamented with beautiful motifs, that runs under the cornice or crown molding. Usually, frieze molding installed about 1/3 or 1/2 of the way down a wall from ceiling. Frieze moldinghas a wide flat profile with decorative relief design on the front. Decorative frieze molding are most common in the homes that follow neoclassical architecture or decorating style.

When run around the perimeter of the room, these moldings create a space above known as frieze. Frieze often decorated in a different manner from the wall space below. If you have a very high ceilings it is a good idea to paint frieze molding, frieze and crown molding altogether in a same color. It helps visually bring ceiling down and makes room upper cozier. A frieze molding can enliven your space with a signature theme. Molding come in a variety styles and shapes. Ornate molding add a feeling of dignity and grandeur. Ornate molding command more attention when incorporated into a design and should suit the overall decor. From the ceiling to the floor moldings are used on most parts of the wall.

Savannah decorative frieze molding


Ingenious L-Molding is a revolutionary problem solver. The name of this molding is originated from it's shape. L-shaped molding is an instant tray ceiling, lighting, and concealment solution. In one day you can create a beautiful tray ceiling with this molding.

bathroom with bellevue molding for spot lighting

If your room lacks light, adding a recessed lighting is a snap with L-moldings. This molding with integrated spot lighting can be used around the ceiling. Lights can be placed for overall illuminations or in specific places to highlight an artwork or artifacts. Molding is made from high-density polyurethane, therefore cuts easily with common woodworking tools.

Additional metal hardware for additional weight support should be requested if you plan install this molding with lights. Front surface of the molding reinforced with synthetic foil providing extra durable and smooth surface. L-molding designed with drilled holes and dowels on the sides for easy and precise installation creating a seamless joints. This type of molding available on our website in "molding for indirect lighting" category in variety of sizes.