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Acanthus Wood Corbels
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Regent wood corbels carved portland corbels Atlanta corbels with carved acanthus manchester acanthus leaf corbels
Regent wood corbels R03
in 4 sizes; up to 6-3/8"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$72.00 - $204.00
Portland corbels R48
in 3 sizes; up to 2-3/8"D
alder, maple, cherry, oak
$41.00 - $148.00
Atlanta corbels R41
in 4 sizes; up to 5-5/8"D
in alder, maple, oak, cherry
$57.60 - $214.40
Manchester corbels R42
in 4 sizes; up to 6-5/8"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$72.00 - $179.20
princeton carved acanthus corbels large portland corbels with carved acanthus large Atlanta carved wood corbels large carved wood arizona corbels
Princeton corbels C21
22"H x 3-1/4"D x 7"W
in maple, cherry, oak
$215.00 - $279.00
large Portland corbels R48L
in 2 sizes; up to 4-1/8"D
up to 36"H
alder, maple, oak, cherry
$188.00 - $399.20
large Atlanta corbels R41XL
in 2 sizes; up to 11-1/4"D
up to 36"H
in maple, oak, cherry
$399.00 - $745.00
large Arizona corbels AZ22XL
22"H x 7-3/4"D x 6-3/4"W
in alder, maple, oak, cherry
$290.00 - $375.00
Hartford corbels Irvine pilaster corbels Charlotte corbels arizona corbels
Hartford corbels C14
in 2 sizes; up to 5-3/4"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$132.00 - $202.00
Irvine pilaster corbels CB20
in 3 sizes; up to 5-7/8"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$98.00 - $188.00
Charlotte corbels R50
in 4 sizes; up to 6-1/4"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$48.00 - $151.20
Arizona corbels AZ22
in 2 sizes; up to 7"D
in alder, maple, oak, cherry
$96.00 - $189.00
Houston corbels Lexington pilaster corbels Austin corbels Maryland corbels
Houston corbels C22
12-1/4"H x 5-1/8"D x 6-3/4"W
in maple, cherry, oak
$149.00 - $193.00
Lexington corbels CB20B
in 3 sizes; up to 4-3/8"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$105.00 - $196.00
Austin corbels C6
in 2 sizes; up to 3-1/8"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$132.00 - $193.00
Maryland corbels C8
in 2 sizes; up to 5-1/2"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$66.00 - $154.00
Arlington corbels memphis corbels columbus corbels Providence corbels
Arlington corbels W79
8-1/2"H x 3-5/8"D x 5-1/8"W
in maple, white hardwood, cherry, red oak
$72.80 - $112.80
Memphis corbels R06
in 3 sizes; up to 2-3/16"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$25.60 - $63.20
Columbus corbels R43
in 3 sizes; up to 2-3/4"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$28.00 - $73.60
Providence corbels R35
in 2 sizes; up to 3-1/8"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$78.40 - $115.20
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corbels and wood brackets

six things to know before you buy corbels
What do you like? What is your style preference? Corbels come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Incorporating corbels into your decor may seem like a formidable task, considering the endless possibilities we make available to you. The most straightforward way to narrow down your choices is to analyze your own unique decorating style. Do you prefer a more traditionally styled home? Do you tend to gravitate toward the Arts and Crafts style of design; do you tend to love Mission-style furniture? Is your goal to lend a Mediterranean feel to your home? Is your home a contemporary one, with modern lines and furnishings?... continue reading about six things to know before you buy corbels >>

Acanthus Corbels

Corbels selected for this page are carved with traditional acanthus leaf design. Wood corbels come in different sizes applicable fire numerous applications. Wood corbels with grater depth are suitable for installation under kitchen counters or kitchen islands to provide additional support. Some corbels are wider than deeper and have flat bottom edge (Charlotte corbels or Irvine pilaster corbels as an example). This wooden corbels type is designed for furniture application and custom trim work. Usually wood corbels like that are installed on the top of the pilasters. That is the reason why they called a pilaster corbels.

Many Acanthus corbels are slim in appearance, they are long and do not have a significant projection. Wood corbels of this type often used for application on the face of the custom cabinets, furniture or built-ins. These corbels are irreplaceable when it comes to adding architectural embellishments to the kitchen cabinets. All our wood corbels are hand-carved from solid hardwood and ready for final finishing. Wonderful quality carving and outstanding prices make our corbels a valuable addition to any home..

acanthus corbels

corbels whit acanthus leaf design
The elegant corbels come in many beautiful historical designs. The great variety makes it easy to match the corbels to any kitchen style. The Acanthus leaf corbel's design derives from a Greek and Roman architectural ornamentation. The Acanthus trees are found in the Greek Isles. Acanthus leaf is used in an ornamental way and inspired the architecture in the past as well as today. It has been said that a nymph Acantha who was beloved by Apollo, the sun god was the spirit of the acanthus tree. Upon her death, she turned into a "sun-loving tree" named Acanthus... read more about Acanthus corbels >>

corbels in your home

the artful use of corbels in your home
Beautiful corbels are a vastly under-utilized architectural element these days. If one needs to display or support a heavy item, such as a sculpture, stylish support from wood corbels or wood brackets is a necessity. Although less obvious today, the beauty and sophistication that these supportive structures add cannot be overlooked. Let your imagination go and visualize these supportive pieces in any area of your home. A few ideas: In the kitchen, these ornaments are commonplace, although it may not seem obvious. Strategic placement is critical in supporting counters or islands, but they don't need to be boring... read more about corbels use >>

kitchen corbels

how to turn your kitchen into a masterpiece with corbels
Corbels find themselves right at home in the kitchen. In fact, since the historical use of a corbel is to support weight, just think of all of the heavy pieces that are in your kitchen: cabinets, counter tops, the range hood, possibly open shelving, and more. Everywhere that support is needed is the ideal place for a corbel that not only helps to balance the look but to add interesting hand-carved detail, as well.... read more about how to incorporate corbels into your kitchen >>