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Beautiful Wood Carvings for Kitchen

It is a universal truth: there is no other room more favored in a home than the kitchen. Kitchens seem to possess an almost magnetic quality. Perhaps its mysterious ability to draw us into the room can be attributed to mankind's fascination with fire and the comforting properties of the hearth. Or perhaps we are naturally drawn to the kitchen because we are creatures of our biology, congregating wherever there is the nourishment to sustain us. Certainly, the setting has an ability to relax our spirits, allowing us to shed the weight of the day's toils and tribulations.


It is arguable that the kitchen should be renamed the living room, since so many of the businesses of life and living are conducted there. Primarily, there are the tasks of cooking, with its prep and cleaning aspects. An although there may be a perfectly good dining room in which to dine in, many people find that most of their meals are taken in the kitchen, seated at a kitchen table, breakfast bar, or at the counter of the kitchen's island. Here, you pay bills, read the daily newspaper, or leaf through a magazine. Here, your children attend to their homework, stacks of books and school supplies spread across the available surface. Whether enjoying a board game with your family or giving a child an impromptu cooking lesson, your kitchen is the most lived-in room in your home.

The kitchen's main purpose is that of utility, but its appearance should be far more than utilitarian statement. Your kitchen says a lot about you: the presence or absence of certain appliances or features, the type of food in the refrigerator, the colors, tones and textures that lend to a certain ambience are not accidental occurrences. Your lifestyle dictates these aspects of your kitchen. Your kitchen should be the hallmark of your lifestyle, exuding vitality, warmth, and unique characteristics.

At InvitingHome.com you will find a variety of ways to incorporate the warmth of wood carvings into your kitchen. Consider the cabinet doors; embellished with carved wood panels, or maybe with applied wood carvings of vintage grapes (Madera wood carvings) or wood carvings of an assortment of ripe fruits (Virginia wood carvings) or even realistic carved flowers -Madison carved wood onlays as an example.

Consider the hood above the stove. Although the hood's function is to funnel the smoke and steam from the stove out of the kitchen, recent trends in kitchen design show that the hood is a point of interest. The impressiveCarolina wood carving will turn a functional kitchen element into a beautiful focal point in a kitchen's design. Large wood corbels placed on either side of the hood not only define this focal point, but enhance the distinctive feel of the kitchen (see kitchen hood wood brackets). One of the most popular spots to place our carved wood corbels is below a countertop's overhang (see Chicago brackets for countertop support). Make your breakfast bar or kitchen island as a decorative as it is functional, and you will witness a dramatic improvement in the look of your kitchen.

Wood carvings do not have to match each other exactly, but they should coordinate. Recognize your innate instincts! For instance, the San-Diego wood panels would look lovely on the kitchen cabinet doors with Modesto floral drop furniture onlays on the side panels, and the Washington wood brackets underneath the counter top all mesh beautifully with the Extra-large Charlotte corbels beside the hood.

Our wood carvings are more than decorative elements accessorizing your kitchen: they are critical design elements that complement a room in your house that is the hub of the home and the center of your life's activities. By enhancing the mood of this important room, you enhance every single day; imparting vibrant, joyous memories of times spent gathered there with family and friends.


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The Mystique of Hand Carved Wood

History tells us that from almost every corner of the earth, many ancient societies engaged in the worship of trees, some believing that the gods lived within the statuesque forms. While the present day saying "knock on wood" is used as a luck charm with direct roots to these ancient beliefs, the positive energy emanating from trees cannot be denied. The texture of wood is pleasing to the eye, whether in a raw, natural state, or constructed into a durable piece of furniture.

French Rococo style antique hand-carved wood headboards; gorgeous carving
French Rococo style antique hand-carved wood headboards

The practice of wood carving by hand is an art as old as mankind itself. Originally, carved wood had its functional uses, with wood carvings fashioned into tools for protection, agriculture, and other domestic implements. However, it was shortly after when mankind grew acutely aware of its need for beauty and all things beautiful. This hunger for the aesthetic is a trait unique to the human experience; it is the attribute that fueled the art of ornamental wood carving.

The art of ornamental wood carving reached its climax in the 17th century, when a period of prosperity gave way to the baroque and rococo styles. The mastery of the wood carving artists of this period is evident when you view their renderings: from delicate carved flowers and symmetrical floral rosettes to scroll onlays of acanthus leaves, to elegant carved wood swags, the elaborate intricacies of these onlays speak of hours or labor and costly commissions from the nobility and the very wealthy.

America enjoyed the look of ornamental wood carvings in their interiors for years. However, the advent of the population boom in the fifties resulted in an increase in the production of pre-fabricated homes and the interiors of these American homes omitted embellished wood carvings. Ornamental wood carvings such as elegant wood moldings and distinctive carved wood panels became things of the past. It is the houses built during this period that suffer from a starkness of the interior. Devoid of character; they possess a "box-like" quality to those who reside there.

Presently, the art of wood carving by hand is making a strong comeback. High demand from clients with refined tastes and styles is fueling this trend, and the return of simple wood carvings and ornate wood carvings to private homes and businesses is growing more widespread each day. Ornamentation on the exteriors of homes often occurs simultaneously with the return of wood carvings such as beautiful corbels and other embellishments inside the interiors. Clearly, the soul of the home was compromised with the banishment of these carved wood details.

Given the history of wood carving, and the inherent qualities that wood possesses, it is clear that wood carvings enjoy veritable mystique that withstand the test of time. At InvitingHome.com, our esteem for wood and the forms it takes in our wide selection of wood carvings is apparent. And although tree worship is probably not on your daily agenda, we guarantee that once installed, our wood carvings will inspire nothing short of a sense of contentment in, and reverence for, the place you call home.


High Quality Wood Carvings

All of the wood carvings we offer are made from the highest quality, premium hardwoods. Hand-crafted by masters, and inspired by nature, our wood carvings are perfect for interior design and craft projects. At InvitingHome.com, we will find a wide selection of carved wood designs and motifs to satisfy even the most discriminating, sophisticated tastes. What is your style? Whether you seek vineyard motifs, harvest motifs, flower motifs, shell motifs, or more of a classic theme, you will find them carved in your choice of American Hard Maple, Red or White Oak, Cherry, Alder wood and White hardwoods. Whether you choose from our extensive wood corbel collection, or our applied wood carving collection; whether your next project is to enhance your staircase, fireplace, or kitchen, our hand carved wood designs command attention and admiration.

alder wood corbels

wood selection for corbels and carvings
The United States is home to over 1,000 species of trees. Of these, only a select few are used in crafting wood corbels and other carved wood products...read on wood selection for wood carvings >>

carved wood rosettes

wood rosettes as perfect finishing touches
How wood rosettes can add maximum impact of your decor. Small in stature but mighty in the way that they can provide enhancement to their environment, carved wood rosettes are likely one of the most highly versatile of all architectural embellishments. It's likely that you've seen these intricate rosettes at the upper corners of door or window casings, but to confine these decorative gems just to this single use would be a crime. There's a place for wood rosettes in almost every room in your home... read more about wood rosettes >>

use of corbels

the artful use of corbels in your home
Beautiful corbels are a vastly under-utilized architectural element these days. If one needs to display or support a heavy item, such as a sculpture, stylish support from wood corbels or wood brackets is a necessity. Although less obvious today, the beauty and sophistication that these supportive structures add cannot be overlooked...read more about corbels use >>

wood carvings

kitchen embellishments
For many homeowners, the kitchen quickly becomes the most lived-in room in the house. It's really not a surprise when you consider all that goes on in a kitchen, from entertaining and meal preparation to heartfelt conversations, and from homework to a myriad of do-it-yourself and craft projects. Indeed, for many families the kitchen is used many times more often than the living room or other common rooms... read more about kitchen embellishments >>

white kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets
When you start looking for kitchen cabinets, think about what aspects of your kitchen style and materials you would like to introduce to your kitchen. Think about if you prefer to have solid cabinet doors, glass doors, or even no cabinet doors at all...read more about kitchen cabinets >>

updates for kitchen cabinets

updates for kitchen cabinets
Your kitchen cabinets are the biggest tellers of your kitchen's age. It is, no doubt, that the cabinets are the most overwhelming feature of the whole kitchen. Upon walking into the kitchen, people tend to look at the cabinets in regards to how well they are made and how much they can hold. Changing your cabinets, even slightly will have a dramatic effect on your whole kitchen appearance...read more on updates for kitchen cabinets >>

kitchen details

kitchen textures
There are a lot of surfaces in the kitchen - most are hard with angled edges which don't exactly spell out a warm and comforting environment. You can balance out the inevitable uninviting surface with soft textures and patterns, as well as warm and homey colors. To bring an instant cheer to the space, put a potted plant on the window sill in a terra-cotta pot or some other kind of pot. You should try to find flowers that bloom all year around and that have a soft and gentle looking texture to them. Try to use a wood bowl to contrast the granite or marble countertop; if you have a butcher block counter top, then use a glass bowl to contrast the wood.... read on kitchen textures >>

corbels for kitchen

kitchen design guide
In search of inspiring kitchen design ideas? The Kitchen Design Guide has loads of information about kitchen styles and architectural details such as wood corbels. Today's kitchen is the most important room in most homes. This is where meals are prepared, but also where people linger to watch TV or do their work. For families, it might be the only room where everyone regularly hangs out together. You can use InvitingHome.com's Kitchen Style Guide to find kitchen design ideas that capture your distinctive tastes - and help turn your house into a home...read on kitchen design >>

applied wood carvings

applied wood carvings
In the 17th century, a period of prosperity gave way to the baroque and rococo styles. It was during this period that applied wood carvings, which are types of pierced wood carvings, extensively were used to beautify furniture, interior objects and various architectural forms. When forged by the hands of a master craftsman, the charm and character of carved wood is unequaled... read more about applied wood carvings >>


making your decor stand out in sharp relief with decorative wood carvings
Have you ever wanted to jazz up your decor, but didn't really want to do an entire redesign? There is an easy solution for dressing up plain cabinets, drawers, doors, crown moldings and other surfaces in need of a little something to bring out the personality of your home. These premium decorative wood carvings can add depth and elegance to almost any surface. Skillfully carved in a variety of hardwoods, each of our charming carved wood onlays are finely detailed and representative of pieces seen in historic settings. They arrive to you unfinished, ready for your paint or stain... read more about decorative wood carvings >>


Wood Onlays - making your home a memorable place to visit and an inviting place to live
An onlay is a term that describes an object that decorates the surface of another object. In other words, the decorative treatment will literally lay on the object's surface. When onlays are carved from wood, the goal is to create the illusion that the onlay is carved from the wooden surface it adorns. Carved wood onlays are also known as applied wood carvings (wooden appliques). Onlays are typically used to beautify millwork, which tends to be featureless and bland because it is mass produced... Breathe life into your home's architecture and apply onlays to your woodwork. Breathe life into your home's architecture and apply onlays to your woodwork... read more about wood onlays >>


wood carvings collection

This page was designed to help you to navigate our site in your search for wood carvings and carved wood products.

Decorative wood carving can turn an average room or object into a signature statement with your own individual imprint. Wood carvings are perfect for wall applications, those finishing touches on the custom cabinets or creating a dramatic focal point on a fireplace mantel.

Wood carvings are great for all your carpentry, furniture making and woodworking projects. Wood carvings are one of the many elements of the classical style as applied to architecture and decoration of furniture.

The designs wood carving products introduced on our website are based on enduring tenets of classicism. Wood carving designs have been modified and revived through time and they are executed in classical style. Wood carving is currently enjoying a renaissance. Our extensive wood carving collection consists of corbels, appliques and onlays, rosettes, mantels and mantel shelves.