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Floral and Grape Corbels
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tennessee wood corbels carved Nashville open side wood corbels carved with floral design Modesto open side wood corbels carved with grape design Sonoma wood corbels carved with grape design
Tennessee corbels R47
in 4 sizes; up to 7"D
in maple, cherry, oak
$75.20 - $204.00
Nashville corbels R53
in 2 sizes; up to 8-1/4"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$107.20 - $153.60
Modesto corbels R56
in 2 sizes; up to 8-3/8"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$107.20 - $153.60
Sonoma corbels R40
in 4 sizes; up to 5-1/2"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$58.40 - $215.20
large Tennessee wood corbels carved with floral design large Sacramento wood corbels large Dallas wood corbels large Sonoma wood corbels carved with grape design
large Tennessee corbels R47XL
26-1/2"H x 8-3/8" x 7-3/8"
in maple, cherry, oak
$447.20 - $532.20
large Sacramento corbels C722
26"H x 7"D x 7-1/8"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$457.00 - $594.00
large Dallas corbels LC723
31"H x 8-1/2"D x 9"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$599.00 - $775.00
large Sonoma corbels R40XL
26-1/2"H x 7-3/8" x 8-1/2"
in maple, oak, cherry
$447.20 - $548.00
Monroe wood corbels Sanford wood corbels Santa-Monica carved wood corbels with grape design Madera wood corbels with carved grapes
Monroe corbels R51
in 5 sizes; up to 6-1/4"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$47.20 - $159.20
Sanford wood corbels C19
in 2 sizes; up to 5-3/4"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$132.00 - $202.00
Santa-Monica corbels C15
in 2 sizes; up to 5-1/4"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$132.00 - $202.00
Madera corbels R07
in 3 sizes; up to 4-1/2"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$72.00 - $155.20
Michigan carved wood corbels Madera wood corbels with carved grapes Columbia carved wood brackets Madera wood corbels with carved grapes
Michigan corbels R46
in 3 sizes; up to 2-7/8"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$26.40 - $82.40
Bangor wood corbels R49
in 3 sizes; up to 2-3/4"D
in maple, cherry, oak
$27.20 - $76.80
Columbia brackets C718
12-3/8"H x 4"D x 5"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$160.00 - $208.00
Santa-Clara Corbel W78
10-1/4"H x 5-1/4"D x 5"
in white hardwood, maple, cherry, alder
$112.80 - $148.80
Lombard carved wood corbels Yale wood corbels large Yale wood corbels lion head corbels
Lombard corbels W71
in 4 sizes; up to 8-1/2"D
in white hardwood, maple, cherry
$78.80 - $448.80
Yale wood corbels R38S
10-7/8"H x 6"D x 8"W
in maple, cherry, oak
$154.40 - $178.40
large Yale corbels R38L
16-1/8"H x 7-1/8"D x 14-1/8"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$299.00 - $351.20
lion wood brackets W73
12-1/2" x 6-1/4" x 6-1/2"
in maple, cherry, white hardwood
$198.80 - $248.80
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corbels and wood brackets

six things to know before you buy corbels
What do you like? What is your style preference? Corbels come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Incorporating corbels into your decor may seem like a formidable task, considering the endless possibilities we make available to you. The most straightforward way to narrow down your choices is to analyze your own unique decorating style... continue reading about six things to know before you buy corbels >>

These elements embrace the magnificent wood carved fireplace mantel. Stately fireplace mantel features impressive carved wood corbels and decorative onlays. The fireplace accessories complete the look while adding an undeniable flair. The design element of symmetry is further enhanced with elegant 18th-century French style carved wall sconces in antiqued gold leaf finish flanking the art piece. Yet all the sophistication allows us to sense comfort in the selections of fabrics on the drapes, ottoman, and longue chaise. A simple knitted throw invites us to cozy up in relax.


grape corbels

corbels with carved floral and grape design
Grape motifs carved on corbels have been around since the Roman and Greek times. Grapes themselves have great powers such as unclogging arteries. The "French Paradox" shows that even though the French food is so high in fat, the wine that is consumed along the side of the meal, neutralizing the cholesterol in a way, ensuring a longer life. Bacchus to the Romans and Dinysus to the Greek, the God of wine was viewed as the promoter of civilization and a lawgiver. He was a lover of peace and the patron deity of farming. No wonder the grape design was widely used in architectural ornamentation and has carried over to today corbels and wood carvings adornment.... read more about floral and grape corbels >>

corbels for kitchen cabinets

corbels for kitchen cabinets
The kitchen designs and styles have evolved through the years; the kitchen decor in your house should too. Corbels are a great way to bring some style and architectural structure to your kitchen. The best part about the corbels is that they come in a wide variety of different styles which can be incorporated in the existing style of your whole house. Corbels can also be worked into the rest of your home decor to reiterate a theme. You may also be able to achieve that look by using some of our other wood products, such as quality carvings and wood rosettes to fill in the gaps... read more about corbels for kitchen cabinets >>

kitchen corbels

how to turn your kitchen into a masterpiece with corbels
Corbels find themselves right at home in the kitchen. In fact, since the historical use of a corbel is to support weight, just think of all of the heavy pieces that are in your kitchen: cabinets, counter tops, the range hood, possibly open shelving, and more. Everywhere that support is needed is the ideal place for a corbel that not only helps to balance the look but to add interesting hand-carved detail, as well.... read more about how to incorporate corbels into your kitchen >>