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Wood Corbels
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Los-Angeles corbels Charleston corbels Fluted Mission corbels Boston wood corbels
Los-Angeles corbels R54
in 2 sizes; up to 8-1/4"D
in beech, maple, alder, oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut
$108.00 - $244.80
Charleston corbels SC1
in 3 sizes; up to 8"D
in alder, maple, cherry, oak, and Asian hardwood
$78.20 - $298.00
Fluted Mission corbels CF12
in 3 sizes; up to 7-1/2"D
in alder, maple, oak, cherry, and Asian hardwood
$49.00 - $212.00
Boston wood corbels R59
in 2 sizes; up to 8"D
beech, maple, alder, oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut
$106.00 - $244.80
Saratoga wood corbels Mission wood corbels Texas wood corbels San-Louis corbels
Saratoga corbels R60
in 2 sizes; up to 6-1/2"D
in alder, maple, cherry, oak
$69.00 - $165.00
Mission wood corbels CB3
in 2 sizes; up to 7-1/2"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$69.00 - $169.00
Texas wood corbels CB2
in 2 sizes; up to 6-1/2"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$69.00 - $169.00
San-Louis corbels R37
in 7 sizes; up to 11-3/8"D
alder, maple, oak, cherry
$34.40 - $999.20
Hilton wood corbels Miami corbels Pompano corbels California corbels
Hilton wood corbels W74
in 5 sizes; up to 7-3/4"D
in maple, white hardwood
$28.00 - $142.00
Miami corbels R322
in 3 sizes; up to 8-1/2"D
alder, maple, oak, cherry
$68.80 - $139.20
Pompano corbels R325
in 2 sizes; up to 8-1/2"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$104.80 - $146.40
California corbels R39
in 3 sizes; up to 4-1/2"D
in maple, oak, cherry
$63.20 - $137.60
Seattle wood corbels New York corbels cleveland corbels raleigh corbels
Seattle wood corbels C10
in 5 sizes; up to 6"D
in maple, cherry, oak
$44.00 - $193.00
New York corbels NY4
in 2 sizes; up to 4-3/4"D
in alder, maple, oak, cherry, and Asian hardwood
$64.80 - $139.00
Cleveland corbels C33
8-3/8"H x 4-3/8"D x 4-1/2"
in maple, oak, cherry
$78.00 - $99.00
Raleigh corbels NC22
in 4 sizes; up to 10"D
in alder, maple, oak, cherry, and Asian hardwood
$49.80 - $425.00
mission style corbels mission style concave corbels Tallahassee corbels craftsman scroll corbels
Mission style corbels CB4
12"H x 4"D x 4"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$63.00 - $82.00
Mission corbels CB1
14"H x 4"D x 4"W
in alder, maple, oak, cherry
$87.00 - $113.00
Tallahassee corbels FL14
14"H x 4-1/2"D x 3-7/8"W
in alder, maple, oak, cherry
sale $69.50 - $108.00
Craftsman corbels CB5
22"H x 9"D x 6-1/2"W
in maple, oak, cherry
$220.00 - $286.00
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Subtle and stylish home decor elements such as corbels, brackets, posts and molding can add a new level of class to absolutely any room ...


finding the right corbels
Most of the corbels come in several sizes and a variety of different woods which makes it easy to fit a wide range of design needs and easy to fit a type of application desired. You can even choose the same design of corbel to carry a theme in a room, but use the right sizes to fit the different tasks in the room. A kitchen, for example: the smaller corbels may be used in the design of cabinetry, medium and large corbels may be used as support structures for countertops as well as shelves... read more about right corbels for your application >>

Mission Corbels and Craftsman Corbels

carved wood corbels for granite counter support

Quality wood corbels selected for this page feature elegant and clean designs. These corbels are very easy to incorporate in many different kitchen styles. Corbels carry a uniquely American expression of the Arts-and-Crafts movement and are perfect for Arts-and-crafts kitchen style. These wood corbels emphasize simplicity and functionality of design, and honesty of craftsmanship. Craftsman-corbels and Mission-corbels are superb examples of the American Arts-and-Crafts style.

Today Craftsman and Mission style millwork, furniture and custom kitchen cabinetry have made an enormous come back. Our wooden corbels represent the core of craftsman style: traditional craftsmanship over industrial age mass factory production. Each of the wooden corbels is masterfully hand-carved by masters from solid hardwood.

Arts and Crafts Corbels

The American Arts and Crafts styled corbels appear to be classical. Simplicity and harmony of corbels shapes follow a theory of honesty in materials, traditional techniques and construction. The profile of the corbel scoops down and creates a wavy look. It is amazing for a look that is casual elegance. The curves of the American wood corbels soften the look of any room with the straight edges. The American Mission and Craftsman corbels are usually painted and distressed allowing the texture of the wood to shine through. The Arts and Crafts movement began in England in opposing to over-the-top designs found in people's homes during the Victorian Era. The movement called for simplicity and for people's return to handmade wood products.

The Craftsman and Mission style woodwork, such as furniture, kitchen cabinets, and millwork have made an immense comeback into today's world of design. Our Craftsman corbels reflect the root of the Craftsman style: traditional carving over factory mass production. The corbels are individually hand-carved by highly skilled craftsmen from a variety of solid woods. The designs of the corbels follow a theory of honesty

Craftsman and Mission corbels

Craftsman and Mission corbels
Subtle and stylish home decor elements such as corbels, wood brackets, posts and molding can add a new level of class to absolutely any room The new corbel collections are influenced by, and exhibit features of, the American Arts and Crafts movement with their unique simplicity and classic sophistication ...read more about Craftsman and Mission corbels >>

corbels in your home

the artful use of corbels in your home
Beautiful corbels are a vastly under-utilized architectural element these days. If one needs to display or support a heavy item, such as a sculpture, stylish support from wood corbels or wood brackets is a necessity. Although less obvious today, the beauty and sophistication that these supportive structures add cannot be overlooked. Let your imagination go and visualize these supportive pieces in any area of your home. A few ideas: In the kitchen, these ornaments are commonplace, although it may not seem obvious. Strategic placement is critical in supporting counters or islands, but they don't need to be boring... read more about corbels use >>

corbels for kitchen

creating a custom kitchen with wood corbels
Corbels are the easiest way to turn an ordinary home into a valuable estate. Many people dream of living in a custom-built home with all the details and charms that go with it. Many people pay thousands of dollars to have their kitchens fitted with hand-crafted accents. However, the reality is that most people simply have to improvise when it comes to making their home look its best. Are you looking for a way to get the kitchen cabinets of your dreams on a realistic budget? Wooden corbels are one of the easiest ways to create a look of sophistication in a home. Corbels have become popular as embellishments for kitchen cabinets... read more about corbels for kitchen >>

corbels and brackets for kitchen counters

corbels and brackets for kitchen counters
Looking for an attractive way to provide support for your kitchen counters? Your solution probably lies among the many models of corbels and brackets available for this very purpose. Corbels and wood brackets are architectural elements that can serve a functional role while also adding beauty to your kitchen. If your countertops are made of a heavy material such as granite or marble, corbels and brackets are absolutely essential from a structural standpoint. If your countertops are a bit lighter, corbels and brackets may only be decorative in nature... read more about corbels and brackets for kitchen counters >>