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fluted hulf-columns

Fluted Half-Columns Set

half-columns ODHC3001F1

total assembled column height: up to 7'7"

half-column top: 8-1/4" x 16-3/4"

half-column bottom: 8-1/2" x 16-15/16"

list price: $ 633.25
your price: $ 506.60
This half-column sold as set of four pieces:

1. Column Capital (half-capital K3111)

2. Half Column (fluted half-column K3001)

3. Column Base (half-base K2131)

4. Adhesive ODFDP-500 (Specially formulated for columns installation)

Fluted Half-Column

This fluted half column is made from high density, rigid polyurethane, a material that is extremely durable and very easy to work with. Installation of this half-column is quick and easy. Fluted half-column comes primed white, ready to accept paint. You can paint this half-column with any quality paints or apply a faux finish.

Please note that this half-column is not structural. You should use these columns for decorative purposes only. Our columns and half-columns are a great way of introducing architectural elements to your house.