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tall fluted columns

Tall Whole Fluted Columns Set

columns ODC3002F4

total assembled column height: up to 8'10"

column top: 16-3/4" x 16-3/4"

column bottom: 17-15/16" x 17-15/16"

list price: $ 1,323.50
your price: $ 1,058.80
This column sold as set of four pieces:

1. Column Capital (whole plane capital K3112)

2. Column (whole fluted column K3002)

3. Column Base (whole base/plinth K3152)

4. Adhesive ODFDP-500 (Specially formulated for columns installation)

Whole Fluted Column

This fluted column is made from high density, rigid polyurethane, a material that is extremely durable and very easy to work with. Installation of this column is quick and easy. Fluted column comes primed white, ready to accept paint. You can paint this column with any quality paints or apply a faux finish. Please note that this column is not structural. You should use these columns for decorative purposes only. Our columns are a great way of introducing architectural elements to your house.