ceiling rims

Athens ceiling rim shown installed with Florence ceiling medallion. Ceiling rim and ceiling medallion finished in antiqued gold

Running Coin IV ceiling rim shown installed in combination with Florence ceiling medallion

decorative ceiling rims with ceiling medallion

Rather than putting this decorative ring around a center medallion, or around a chandelier; I chose to put it around a very large and flat flush-mounted custom light fixture... read more about ceiling decor project >>

ceiling rims on the ceiling
ceiling rims Decorative ceiling rims add elegance and grandeur to any ceiling. They are designed to compliment and enhance our ceiling medallions and domes. Ceiling Rims are often used as an architectural element around a medallion or dome. However, the truly inspired can create scallops or majestic sweeping curves

Ceiling Rims

* all ceiling rims are sold as a set of four (4) pieces
Running Coin IV ceiling rims Running Coin IV Ceiling Rim
ceiling rims CNR3432

inner diameter - 59"
outer diameter - 63-1/2"
height - 4-1/2"
projection - 3/4"

list price: $ 202.50
your price: $ 162.00
ceiling rims
Running Coin II ceiling rims Running Coin II Ceiling Rim
ceiling rims CNR3412

inner diameter - 58"
outer diameter - 64-1/2"
height - 6-1/2"H
projection - 1"

list price: $ 177.00
your price: $ 141.60
ceiling rims
Running Coin I ceiling rims Running Coin I Ceiling Rim
ceiling rims CNR3402

inner diameter - 34"
outer diameter - 40-1/4"
height - 6-1/4"
projection - 3/4"

list price: $ 168.00
your price: $ 134.40
ceiling rims
athens ceiling rims Athens Ceiling Rim
ceiling rims

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