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Ceiling Design Tips

Creating Illusions

Many large rooms with high ceilings in apartment buildings have been divided into smaller rooms, creating awkward proportions. Rooms feel most comfortable when they are squares or fat rectangles. A tall ceiling in a small space makes you feel as though you're in an elevator shaft.

Ceiling ornamentation that borders the ceiling trim - strong architectural detail that draws the eye down from the ceiling.

- Painting your ceiling a darker color also has the effect of bringing the ceiling down.

- Blue ceiling because of their association with sky, will always make you feel as though you are looking up to infinity. Painting clouds on the ceiling evokes the ancient Chinese meaning of wisdom and heavenly blessings.

- Chinese silver or gold-leaf rice paper installed in squares in a small for small room warms the ceiling so it shines like the sun to warm you emotionally.

- There's nothing more effective in bringing a ceiling down than a shimmering crystal chandeliers, brass chandeliers or lanterns. In a small room with a fourteen-foot ceiling, chandelier can became the sky, the sunset, and the spirit of place.

Some ceilings feel oppressively low, especially to tall people, to people accustomed to being outdoors, or to those living in older, classical architecture.

- By painting all the ceilings a soft glaze of blues and white, an Impressionist cloud illusion, joy will feel lifted up, expansive, and cheered.

- By keeping the height of the furniture low, the ceiling appears higher.

In the eighteenth century, small rooms with low ceiling were easier to heat. The same applies today. New England has severe winters, and heating bills are high enough. Small rooms with low ceiling in old houses have an exclusive charm and atmosphere. Built to accommodate the local climate, these small rooms make you feel cozy, not cramped. Even for tall people, these small rooms seem inviting when the colors are cheerful, there's good lighting, and the taste and style reflect the owner.

There are several architectural elements that create vertical "orders" on the walls and help add height to a low-ceilinged space.

- Pediments and pilasters will bring your eye upward creating illusion of ceiling height.

Just as a crown molding can bring a high ceiling down visually because of its architectural projection, a substantial crown molding can also draw the eye to the height of the room. Keep in mind the eye wants to be pleased by ceiling decor.

- By adding attractive details that enhance the scale and proportion, you are satisfying the eye.

To literally gain height in a room, in some cases it is possible to cut out a ceiling, opening up your room to the roof height. This way you may also gain another window from the attic. The "great rooms" that now omit formal living rooms incorporate the idea of openness and light.

suspended ceiling design

a suspended ceiling design
If you have a suspended ceiling, it is a popular element that serves a great purpose in the modern interior. The areal design of the suspended ceiling does not have any particular boundaries - from the older houses and apartments with ceilings that range from about 8-12 feet to the office buildings and newer homes. The suspended ceiling has a great use in reducing noise levels and creating particular acoustic in the space. It is also a great element to add a dramatic impact in the space without feeling the need to clutter it with furniture....read more about suspended ceiling design >>

dining room ceiling details
Dining room ceiling details
When it comes to interior design and dining rooms, the ceiling is an area that is frequently neglected. After all, how often do people actually look straight up? In actuality, the architectural details of a ceiling make their way into our consciousness when we take in the view of an entire dining room... continue reading on dining room ceiling details...
ceiling design
Well-Appointed ceiling
When creating a warm and inviting home environment, it's easy to concentrate on your home's floors and wall spaces. After all, these are the areas that naturally draw our attention. However, there's an important part of every room that deserves equal consideration... read on ceiling design...
large ceiling medallions and ceiling decor
Incorporating ceiling medallions in your ceiling decor

Seasoned interior designers advise us that a sophisticated and detailed room design incorporates layers of design. The ceiling is the area of most rooms that lacks these detailed layers that add interest and elegance, but the good news is that this dilemma has an easy fix... continue reading on how to incorporate ceiling medallions into your ceiling decor >>
creative ceiling design

Creative ceiling design
Be creative with your ceiling design. Look up at your ceiling. As each room has a different ceiling that affects the feeling of the space, a range of creative options is available to you if you decide your ceilings deserve or need decorative attention. Lighting, texture, paint, paper, and fabric can all be apply to your ceiling. In a coat closet, for example, to bring a too-high ceiling down, you can have your walls shirred in a blue-and-white small-scale print and tented the ceiling...read more about creative ceiling design >>

ceiling design inspiration

Ceiling design
Ceiling - the largest unused area of a room - has been given special attention for hundreds of years. In many current interiors, the ceiling's potential to add character to the room has been neglected. In recent years changing interior styles have produced exhilarating ceiling designs, which add new dimensions to interior space... continue reading about ceiling design>>

ceiling domes

The Renaissance of ceiling domes
Through the centuries, people have been decorating their homes by beautifying them and creating a sense of calm. There is a great assortment of ways to make your house more appealing and creating an original personality with your own signature ceiling. To be at home, there is a desire for it to feel incredibly warm, cozy, pleasing, and calming. Is it simple to achieve such an effect. The ceiling is one of the largest blank canvases of your home, but slips from the mind as the possibility of adding character to your house. With the modernization of materials and creativity, there are new breakthroughs in ceiling designs....read more about the Renaissance of ceiling domes >>

ceiling decor project

Ceiling decor project
Rather than putting this decorative ring around a center medallion, or around a chandelier; I chose to put it around a very large and flat flush-mounted custom light fixture. I call it my "foyer pancake light" because it is 32 inches in diameter, and takes 8 full-size light bulbs, but it only projects about 10 inches from the ceiling... ceiling decor project >>

beautiful ceilings

Our days ceilings
Ceiling today don't carry the same visual impact, yet the ceiling is a fundamental feature that contributes to the overall presentation and feel of a house. One of the greatest differences between the decoration of houses one hundred years ago and now is that today there is an appalling disregard for the ceiling design and aesthetic dimension of a ceiling. While ceiling take up the same space as the floor, few people consider spending even a fraction of their decorating budget on the ceiling design to make ceiling beautiful....read more about ceilings >>

elegant ceiling

Elegant ceiling
Creating a polished look is easy with elegant molding. For a dramatic yet visually appealing look and one that makes any room look completely finished and polished, try creating decorative areas on the ceiling using crown molding and panel molding. Special details like ceiling moldings can serve many purposes. They can give the room the appearance that the ceiling is higher than it is or can make a room with a high ceiling look shorter. They can also create a beautiful and elegant backdrop to showcase pretty, decorative hanging lamps and chandeliers...read more about Elegant ceiling design >>

ceiling details

Adding detail and elegance with ceiling molding
Your thoughtful use of imaginative ceiling design features can inspire playfulness, or it can create a gorgeous and elegant statement of the latest in room fashion design. Take an area of a room that is normally ignored and make it into a decorative showcase. Make your crystal chandelier pop with not only its feature of light, but elegance surrounding it by using a pretty ceiling medallion. Light and shadows come into play when using crown molding, which can have the effect of making a room's ceiling seem to be higher or lower. Make a small room appear as if it is larger or a large room look like it's more cozy by using ceiling moldings... read more about how to add detail and elegance to the ceiling with molding >>