Applied Wood Carvings with Grape Motif

Lemoore grape vine onlays
Lemoore onlays
delano grape clusters carvings
Delano clusters
Alamo grape clusters carvings
Alamo clusters
Vallejo grape clusters carvings
Vallejo carvings
Tulare grape clusters carvings
Tulare carvings
Artesia grape vine carvings
Artesia carvings
Madera grape wood carvings
Madera grape wood carvings
Ventura carved wood furniture onlays with grape design
Ventura carved wood scrolls
Bonilla grape wood carvings
Bonilla grape wood carvings

Applied Wood Carvings

In the 17th century, a period of prosperity gave way to the baroque and rococo styles. It was during this period that applied wood carvings, which are types of pierced wood carvings, extensively were used to beautify furniture, interior objects and various architectural forms. When forged by the hands of a master craftsman, the charm and character of carved wood is unequaled.

applied wood carvings

An applied wood carving is a carving design that is cut out, and often pierced. Onlays are carved separately from the ground. Onlays are, in effect, pierced carvings that are applied to a background. In pierced carving there is no background, as it has been cut away. These Center wood carvings with grapevine motif and grape clusters are an example of the pierced wood carving.

Onlays are designed to be mounted to another surface, such as onto cabinet doors, fireplace mantels, walls, or other wood surfaces. These beautiful grape clusters wood carvings are a great example of onlays. When this type of wood carving is applied onto another wooden surface, the desired result is to give the same appearance as that of a relief wood carving.

Wood carvings carved in a deep relief, make a strong visual impact through the shadows produced by the greater depth. When applied on a wood background of contrasting color, carved wood onlays give a dramatic effect. Most of the wood carvings on our website are furniture or cabinets onlays: they may be fixed to a wall or backing board, often in multiple layers. This method of applying wood onlays is advantageous; as it may conserve materials, facilitate undercutting, and make for a more practical installation.

There is no man made material that can replace the beauty and warmth of natural wood. Wooden textures are very pleasing to the eye. Nature inspired designs of wood carvings are filled with positive energy. These are only some of the reasons why more and more people use wood carvings in their homes. Wood carvings with grape motif are great addition to kitchen cabinets and wine cellars. By combining different types of wood carvings you can come up with designs that are uniquely yours.

Carved wood onlays are widely used for furniture decoration, enhancing interior objects and and different small architectural forms. Wood carvings with grape are carved from different premium selected hardwoods. We offer wood carvings in North American Hard maple, red oak, white oak, cherry, and white hardwood. All our wood carvings are hand carved by master artisans. Wood carvings have a very smooth surface, all of them are triple sanded and ready to accept paint or stain to match your existing woodwork. Wood carvings are great for creative design work, carpentry, furniture making, and woodworking.

carved wood rosettes

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decorative wood carvings

making your decor stand out in sharp relief with decorative wood carvings
Have you ever wanted to jazz up your decor, but didn't really want to do an entire redesign? There is an easy solution for dressing up plain cabinets, drawers, doors, crown moldings and other surfaces in need of a little something to bring out the personality of your home. These premium decorative wood carvings can add depth and elegance to almost any surface. Skillfully carved in a variety of hardwoods, each of our charming carved wood onlays are finely detailed and representative of pieces seen in historic settings. They arrive to you unfinished, ready for your paint or stain... read more about decorative wood carvings >>