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Valencia decorative wall medallion with flower drops

Valencia Wall Medallion

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Valencia wall medallion is a stunning architectural wall decoration. This wall medallion has a beautiful design which is molded in a deep relief flower drops, elaborately ornamented beaded rim with Lamb's Tongue and elegant bow on the top. The Valencia wall medallion gives you the look of plaster but the durability and light weight of the high quality material it is made from makes the installation of this wall medallion quick and easy. The medallion is made from a furniture grade polyurethane from hand cast molds and comes primed ready for paint or faux finish.

Valencia wall medallion for wall decoration

Incorporation of the wall medallion is a wonderful way to add interest and architectural detailing to the unused wall space. As you can see on the picture above, wall panels are accented with gold finish complimenting gold accents on the furnishings in this room. Wall space inside the panels is painted in darker color creating a more dramatic effect. Valencia wall medallion installed inside wall paneling as a finishing architectural accent adds a charming unpretentious touch of sophistication.

Wall medallion can be incorporated in your interiors in a lot of different ways. Vellore wall medallion looks its best when complimented by panel molding. By installing wall medallion inside wall panels you can add an eye drawing unique architectural element that will add a personality and interest in your design.

You can frame this wall medallion using beautiful Nottingham wall decoration. Placing wall medallion inside four Chantilly corners will create a completed designer look