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inviting home

Creating an Inviting Home

We Have Everything You Need to Make Your Home an Inviting Home

You are a unique individual; there is no one else just like you. Your style of dress, your hobbies, your choices in art, music, and films all help to define who you are, how you view yourself, and how others view you. You are the artist of your own reality; drawing inspirations and creating your very own unique lifestyle. We at InvitingHome.com, recognize your uniqueness, and remind you that your home is an extension of you: it is a canvas with unlimited potential.

Perhaps you're buying your first home. Perhaps you are building your dream home. Or maybe you've lived in your home for years, but are plagued by decorator's block; this nagging sense that something is missing from your decor. You've bought scores of accessories, dressed your windows in custom treatments, finished your hardwood floors to a brilliant gleam, but still you are not satisfied. Your home never feels complete.

At InvitingHome.com, we believe that your home should be a testament to your individuality. The overall presence that your home projects must come from a sound base framework that is as uncompromising in construction as it is gorgeous to behold. By incorporating our detailed wood carvings into your home you add interest and character to your decor, lending a presence to your home that is as unique as you are.

Investing in such carved wood details as our crown molding, wood brackets, or wood newels and balusters not only add architectural interest, but elegance and refinement to your rooms. Our wood rosettes are beauties of pure symmetry when mounted on either side of your doorways, windows, or fireplace mantel. And nothing says opulence like our carved wood panels, gracing the faces of your kitchen cabinets, doors, or library walls. Our wood carvings are so much more than embellishments; you will find that they are critical elements playing an important role in your house. By their very nature, they turn a house into a home.

Home Improvement

Architectural Products and Home Furnishing Within Your Reach

At InvitingHome.com, we believe your home is a source of unlimited potential. You may feel as if there is only so much you can do to your home creatively, because for many of you, the blueprints for your home were drawn up long before you arrived. While you may not be able to change the exterior structure of your home, we encourage you to view the interior of your home as a canvas.

As creative beings, we often manipulate our surroundings to reflect who we are as individuals. Your home is a virtual mirror, exhibiting an image of yourself, to yourself, and to those who visit your home. At first, you may feel overwhelmed with the task of creating a unique space just for you and your family. Starting somewhere can be a daunting task, especially if you cringe when you think about price tags. The truth is, achieving a luxurious look for your home doesn't have to cost a fortune. And a starting point? Start at the beginning; start with the base of your home's interior. Give your decor a framework: enhance any part of your home with architectural details, and then employ key elements to build up you home's distinctive look. Our architectural products and home furnishings are the perfect blend of artistic expression and functional elegance, and we guarantee you will find something that reflects your own unique flavor.

Architectural products enhance your home decor and increase the value of your home.

No matter what your circumstances may be, integrating architectural products is a worthwhile investment. Unique architectural details such as crown moldings, wood carvings, corbels, wall niches, and ceiling medallions may increase the value of a house up to 20% or more. Furthermore, upgrading your home's look is also an investment is yourself. Surround yourself with the warmth and good feelings that beauty and solid craftsmanship brings, and you are rewarded with the relaxation and contentment that truly only being home can provide.

Our architectural products and home furnishings that now are within your reach, empowers you to confront bland, awkward home and transform it into graceful home decor with classical elegance. All architectural products and home furnishings that will express your style and give your home personality and warmth can be purchased on our website and easily applied to a room that doesn't have character or classical detailing.

Our design professionals encourage you to decorate your home around its original architectural design, or to create architectural detail where none exists. At InvitingHome.com, you will find a superior selection of architectural products. You will find everything you need to create a distinctive home and to highlight the elegance of your new architectural details; from quality molding and stylish wood corbels, stair brackets, ceiling domes, and ceiling rims to hand-carved wood fireplace mantels and quality fireplace screens.

inviting home store

About InvitingHome.com

We are committed to providing exquisitely designed handcrafted home furnishings, architectural products and unique decorative elements manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our extensive selection of architectural products and home furnishings allows interior designers, decorators and homeowners to create a home decor of their dreams!

Our Home Decor collection offers a full range of home furnishings and architectural products inspired by popular historical and classical designs, well suited for traditional and contemporary home decor. The addition of our home decor products will enhance any new home, renovation, historical restoration or redecoration projects, add value to your home, and ensure a distinctive and lasting impression

About InvitingHome.com

The home furnishings you place in your home reveals your taste and style. Every piece of furnishings in your home decor should hold special meaning, and over time grow to be your friend. On our site you can select inviting, comfortable pieces from wide selection of home furnishings that are functional for your lifestyle while also be aesthetically pleasing. Your home decor needs will change as you go through your life chapters, but it is always place for beautifully made, finely proportioned classical pieces of furnishings. Walking in to the home that is tasteful but has no soul, no energy, is as disappointing as spending time with physically beautiful person who has no personality.

unique home decor

Creating a Unique Home Decor

Balance is harmony, harmony is peace, and peaceful is how you should feel in your home.

The relationship between architectural details and home furnishings is integral to achieving a sense of balance your home decor, so that you can draw from that sense harmony within an enclosed space.

All of the elements of your decor should rejuvenate you and make you feel happy to be home.

Designing your home's decor is a lifelong process. Many people operate under the assumption that the task of decorating their home should only take a certain amount of time. They think in terms of "Now I will complete the living room," or, "now I will finish the bedroom." Just as time brings change, and as surely as we age, and as surely as our children grow, so will your home change. You will gather more knowledge, read more books, visit new places, and build more memories. Just as you are a work in progress, so you should view your home's development. As you change and grow, so will your tastes in decor. Your unique style and preferences will evolve, even if only slightly. You may decide to incorporate light using molding for indirect lighting, bring in a fresh palette, and add interesting architectural elements and timeless home furnishings.
home decor
You may be interested in our unique crystal lamps, crystal chandeliers, beautiful Venetian mirrors or decorative mirrors with gold leaf frames... Perhaps our Italian gold-leaf sconces carved from wood and finished by master artisans in genuine gold leaf will spark your interest. Maybe our exotic Coromandel screens, or distinctive crystal home accessories, will look perfect in your home...

No matter which decorative element speaks to you personally, the home furnishings you select for your home will reveal your current taste and style. That is why all of the architectural products and home furnishings we offer are classic in style, and are examples of timeless design: you will find that they will never go out of style.

The home furnishings you select and place in your home make statements on your lifestyle and your values. The integrity of a home is found in its details and in the furnishings that inhabit it. Through the decorating process, an aura of your own personal history will develop around each element. A home's sense of unity is due to so much more than what meets the eye initially. The aura of completeness and harmony is realized through the more extrasensory perceptions.