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1937 zeppelin
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Long before large passenger jets dominated the skies, zeppelins were a popular form of air travel from one continent to another. The German designed airships made regular transatlantic flights in the 1920s and 30s before the Hindenburg Disaster led to a steep decline and eventual end in this mode of travel.

Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin was the driving force behind the development of the original zeppelins and the airship eventually bore his name. He outlined the first designs in 1874 and drew up detailed plans by 1893. The zeppelin was first patented in the United States in 1899 and Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-AG (DELAG), a German commercial airline company, began offering regularly scheduled flights before World War I.

Zeppelins were used as bombers and scout ships by the German military during World War I and saw increased popularity as a mode of transportation after the war. On May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg was destroyed by fire and 36 people were killed in the accident. In the aftermath of the Hindenburg disaster, usage of the zeppelin decreased and it was supplanted by the airplane.

In modern times, memories of the zeppelin live on through the form of collectible model zeppelins.

zeppelin models

Zeppelin models are a throwback to an era when the idea of air travel still felt exciting and new. The best thing about these meticulously crafted collectibles is that each model offers an accurate representation of how those German airships appeared in their heyday. These models are a snapshot of how air transportation developed from the first flight of the Wright brothers to modern supersonic jets.

Model zeppelins are perfect facsimiles of the famous German airships that inspired their creation. These zeppelin models are built by hand using high quality fabric that is stretched over a lightweight frame. More than 600 glued joints can compose a frame for a single zeppelin model. Intricate details highlight the features of these model zeppelins. A typical model contains engine pods, a bridge, windows, and markings on the sides.

Owning zeppelin models gives a collector a great conversation piece when they are entertaining company in their home. No other airship can boast such a rich history and identification with a particular era in a single nation. It opens the door to exploring and remembering an era that has been romanticized in film and literature in the decades since that time.

Model zeppelins are a quality collectible item that can accumulate a large amount of personal value over time. For senior citizens, they can serve as a reminder of their youth. For younger generations, zeppelins models can be a connection to the generation of their parents or grandparents.

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