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outstanding quality elaborate solid brass wall sconce with bow and tassel design
solid brass sconce
traditional solid brass wall sconce with light faux leather shade
traditional wall sconce
elegant brass and solid crystal sconce hand-crafted with peacock motif
peacock motif crystal sconce
one-light antique brass and crystal sconce
crystal sconce
solid brass and crystal sconce
brass and crystal sconce
wall sconce
brass wall sconce

Electrified Wall Sconces

Electrified wall sconces are an alluring way to light your home. Magnificent traditional candle sconces that require candles provide accent lighting and are very romantic. However, electrified sconces and wall lanterns are more functional and provide additional illumination in a room. Wall sconces can be used to highlight a picture and always look great above a fireplace. All sconces are a replication of historical design. Through the ages wall sconces have grown in popularity and as a result there is a large variety to choose from.

The brown leather sconces are masculine and very popular for private libraries and studies. This real leather treatment on the wall sconces is extremely rare to find and will look great next to a leather cigar chair or furniture in dark mahogany finishes. The shade is an important part of the wall sconce as it adds a decorative element and also helps to direct the light. The wall scones illuminate a space with warm light. Because of the way the shades are crafted they help to direct the light vertically which makes walls look longer. An excellent example is the two solid brass sconces that have round piped fabric shades.

Sconces with mirrored backs were created to reflect candle light and allow more light into a space. The beveled glass accents on these wall sconces add a unique elegant detail. One of the sconces has a clover shaped mirror while the other is more oval in shape. Mirrored wall sconces create a style that is both chic and fun. When using the mirrored back wall sconce it is best to use a low light to recreate the traditional purpose of the wall sconce. The traditional brass sconce (SB8023) and the polished nickel sconce (SB8022) are transitional in stale and will look great in any interior. They are similar in design but one has a polished nickel finish and the other antique solid brass. These wall sconces are basic in design but the most versatile in the collection. There is no going wrong with these sconces!

wall sconces

With our large collection of wall sconces it is easy to cater to the existing decor in any room. All wall sconces are meticulously hand-crafted to the highest quality standards from solid brass. Most of our traditional in design sconces have a sophisticated antique finish. Some of the wall sconces have a polished nickel finish. All solid brass wall sconces featured on this page are hand-crafted.

Beautiful one-light brass and crystal wall sconce with a gracefully scrolled arm and beaded round back will add elegance to interior space. The hand-blown cut crystal chimney gives this sconce allure from the past. This elegant wall sconce is the answer to problems lighting an entranceway or foyer. The light from this stunning wall sconce is warm and bright but the refraction from the hand cut crystal adds extra illumination.

Swing-Arm sconces redefine wall sconces by incorporating a swinging arm. These wall sconces are perfect to be used for task lighting in the bedroom or living room. When reading in bed it is important to have sufficient light. Lighting a room for television viewing and lighting a book reading require the light to be versatile and directed in different angles. These sconces are perfect to use behind a sofa for task lighting. This graceful adjustable arm is a very useful addition to the wall sconce design. Both the arm and the head are adjustable making them perfect for doing different tasks.

There are no set rules when it comes to decorating with light. One light fixture does not always have to be the primary source of lighting for a room. Wall sconces add additional illumination to a room creating a warm soft glow. Finding a balance between natural light and artificial light is a key to harmony in any room.

Wrought-iron wall sconces are no exception to excellent craftsmanship and details resulting in a beautiful treasure. Inspired by nature, created by artists unique wrought-iron sconces with Swarovski crystal are fascinating. Gorgeous wall sconces demonstrate both capability of outstanding quality craftsmanship of iron masters and a virtuosity of the traditional European crystal maker. The contrast of rusted metal of sconces frames with dazzling Swarovski crystal drops express imagination and individuality in elegant yet sculptural profile.

incorporating sconces

Incorporating sconces into your decor
Of all of the choices in lighting fixtures, wall sconces go back the furthest in time. From illuminating the corridors of ancient castles to brightening up the walls in today's homes, sconces can add both beauty and functionality to every more about how to incorporate sconces into your decor >>


Choosing sconces
Light up you world with beautiful quality sconces. The sconces are the first artificial interior lighting. It all started with the burning branches being propped in between rocks in the interior of the cave. While sconces always had a clear-cut purpose of providing light, they always let in a feeling of coziness and warmth.... read more about sconces origin and choosing sconces >>

beautiful sconces

Perfect sconces for any decor
Incorporating exquisite sconces into a home is both fun and exciting; however, it also takes a bit of planning. When installing sconces a few things you should consider are whether or not your sconces require electricity, which design matches your interior best, and how much light you will need... read more about sconces >>