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Manchester Wainscoting Cap

Wainscoting Cap - WFL6 6/8"H x 4/8"P x 8'00"L list price: $ 12.60 your price: $ 9.00
wainscoting cap Manchester wainscoting cap molding

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wainscoting cap molding installed in the bathroom

<< Wainscoting shown installed in the bathroom with Manchester wainscoting cap

Wainscoting Cap Specifications

- wainscoting cap made of environmentally safe High Definition Polymer System (HDPS)

- 100% waterproof

- resistant to mould

- shock resistant

- improves thermal insulation

- maximum long term protection against scratches and dents

- hypoallergenic and fully recyclable

- back of the molding is perforated for better adhesion

- molding comes ready-painted with white paint

- wainscoting cap has tough, extremely smooth surface

- metal dies used for consistent quality and perfect part to part match for hassle free installation