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small storage chest Small Storage Chest

Solid wooden chest has sturdy construction for a lifetime of use. Chest features an intricate knotted side carry handles in best of sailors tradition

large storage chest Large Chest

Solid wood chest has sturdy construction for a lifetime of use. Chest features an intricate knotted side carry handles in best of sailors tradition

boot chest Boot Chest

Large boot chest complete with brass carry handles and vents to allow air circulation. Matches the Coat Hanger in style and color

coat hanger Coat Hanger
coat hangerS

Coat hanger complete with brass hooks and name plates for each member of the family. Matches the Boot Chest in style and color

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Storage Chests

How to use chests for double duty as attractive furniture and accessible storage

If versatility is an important feature in the furniture that you choose for your home, it's hard to beat storage chests. These functional pieces are truly the chameleons of home furnishings; a chest can be used in every room of the house, and chests come in a wide array of styles and sizes.

Historically, sailors used chests to store and transport their belongings. Sturdy and boasting large interior capacities, these rectangular pieces feature handles on the sides for ease of carrying and relocation. In addition to serving to carry and store belongings, a chest doubled as a handy place on which a sailor could sit when on a break from hoisting the sails and swabbing the decks.

In today's homes, you'd find it difficult to choose a room which would not be enhanced by the addition of a chest. The living room? Storage chests make for excellent coffee or side tables, and they offer the added benefit of serving as the perfect place to stash magazines or bar ware. The kitchen? A chest can hold dinnerware, napkins and tablecloths, or serving pieces, and it can also offer handy seating for one or two people at the breakfast table. The bedroom? Perched at the foot of the bed, chests make the ideal container for extra blankets, quilts, or a spare pillow. The den or home office? A storage chest serves as a home for business papers and spare office supplies, and it can also offer functional work space when the desk becomes too crowded. The bathroom? A smaller-scale chest provides out-of-sight but convenient storage for extra towels and toiletries. The front entry hall? Ah - the perfect location for storage chests; in the entry area, a chest can hold boots, shoes, umbrellas, and outerwear as well as offer handy seating for changing out footwear.

One of the most important features of storage chests is that chameleon-like quality mentioned previously. This piece can easily be moved around the house as your needs and requirements change over time. For example, if you happen to take on a big project for your job that requires lots of paperwork and materials to complete, you might choose to move your chest into your home office area for the duration of the project. Or consider this scenario: you have a house guest who will be staying with you for an extended time; simply relocate the chest to the guest room, and your visitor has a place to unpack and settle in for the duration of their visit.

With their ruggedly handsome good lucks and large storage capacity, chests serve as a smart addition to any room in the home.