Occasional Tables

Louis XVI style round wood table inlaid with walnut, olive burl and boxwood
Louis XVI style table
19th-century English style occasional table inlaid with walnut, olive burl and boxwood, antique gold-leaf trim
English style inlaid table
Biedermeier style round wood table with carved leaf motif, hand-painted faux burl finish, antique gold-leaf trim and black Marquina marble top
Louis XIV style table
Louis XV style round wooden occasional table with carved tripod base inlaid-painted medium brown finish with antique gold accents
Louis XIV style table
round hand-wrought iron two tier table with distressed antique gold-leaf finish glass top and shelf
round glass top table
Scottish style round wood table in hand-painted antique ivory finish with antique gold-leaf accents
Scottish style table
room decor - beautiful carved wood ocasional tables

Infusing Beauty and Function with Occasional Tables

For sheer versatility in a room, occasional tables take the cake. This handy piece of furniture can be placed just about anywhere and has a multitude of different functions.

Occasional tables are so named because they are tables with no officially designated use. Unlike dining tables or coffee tables, occasional tables are equally at home in any room within a home, and they work well on their own or as part of an ensemble of several furniture items.

You'll find a huge variety of uses for occasional tables, and their portability means that you can move them to a new space in a matter of seconds. In the living room, you'll often find an occasional tables used next to a sofa or chair as a handy perch for a lamp, a book, or a drink. An occasional table in the hallway serves as the ideal resting place for keys, the mail, or a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. Can you imagine cooking in your kitchen, and turning to the fresh herb plant on your occasional table to snip some leaves to add to a dish you are preparing? In the bedroom, occasional tables can make elegant nightstands, and even the bathroom can benefit from one of these tables to hold neatly folded towels or a small piece of art.

The best news about occasional tables is that they are available in so many different materials and styles, so they fit perfectly within any type of decorating scheme. You can also decide if you prefer the table to be more of a background for a striking lamp or a special artistic piece, or if you would like the occasional table itself to stand out in style and elegance. While many of these tables feature the natural warmth of wood, you can also find a great number of versatile designs in metal, glass, marble, or some combination of these materials.

There aren't many decorating rules to worry about when it comes to placing and using occasional tables. Of course, if you're intending to place something heavy on an occasional table -- like a lamp with a substantial base, for example -- you'll need to choose an occasional table that is sturdy and large enough to support the object. The old rules of matching furniture no longer apply, so it's perfectly fine that your occasional tables are not the same style and material as your dining or coffee tables.

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occasional tables - beautiful occasional table with lightly distressed lacquered blue finish in the living room
round blue table >>
occasional tables

accent tables for any occasion
The inherent beauty of occasional tables is that they do not have to be used for any single particular occasion. They are amazingly functional in any room at any time and they add style and elegance to any decor. Often used as a spot to hold a lamp or drinks or even a great book, these charming accent tables... about read more occasional accent tables >>

accent tables

adding gentility and purpose with accent tables
Decorating with exceptional quality glass top and marble top accent tables showcases exquisite taste in the way one chooses to display decorative home accents. This variety of heirloom quality accent tables with marble and glass table tops offer thoughtful home decorators the opportunity to pass down these extraordinary furnishings to future generations. They are also functional in any home as a place for lamps, books, candles, vases and other decorative pieces.... about read more accent tables with glass and marble tops add gentility and purpose >>

ocasional tables

an occasion for style: picking out an occasional table
Let's talk tables. They're in practically every room. You eat on them. You entertain on them. You decorate with them. So why shouldn't you love the table you own? Let your accent table be the talk of your home by picking out a gorgeous occasional table to add to your interior decor. When it comes to occasional tables, there is no rule for one size fits all. There is a whole world of table varieties, each with their own charm... about read more occasional tables and style >>