Accent Tables with Glass and Marble Tops

Louis XV style round carved wood table with scroll and leaf design, hand-painted medium brown finish, antique gold-leaf trim and black Marquina marble top
Louis XV table with marble top
18th-century Tuscan style round carved wood table with leaf motif, hand-painted medium brown finish, antique gold-leaf accents and glass top
Tuscan style table with glass top
Biedermeier style round wood table with carved leaf motif, hand-painted faux burl finish, antique gold-leaf trim and black Marquina marble top
Louis XIV style table
18th-century Neoclassic style round carved wood table with pine cone and leaf motif, pickled pine finish with antique gold-leaf accents and Valencia marble top
Neoclassic style table with marble top
round hand-wrought iron two tier table with distressed antique gold-leaf finish glass top and shelf
round glass top table
Scottish style round wood table in hand-painted antique ivory finish with antique gold-leaf accents
Scottish style table
round antique solid brass table with glass top
brass table with glass top
round antique brass table with clear beveled glass top
brass table with glass top
round antique brass table with clear beveled glass top
brass table with glass top
table with solid crystal legs and antiqued brass trim
crystal table with glass top
square hand-wrought iron table in antique silver-finish and glass top and shelf
glass top table in silver finish
square hand-wrought iron table with lightly antiqued silver leaf finish and clear glass top and shelf
wrought iron table in silver leaf
rom decor - wrought iron table with glass top - accent tables

Adding Gentility And Purpose with Accent Tables

Decorating with exceptional quality glass top and marble top accent tables showcases exquisite taste in the way one chooses to display decorative home accents. This variety of heirloom quality accent tables with marble and glass table tops offer thoughtful home decorators the opportunity to pass down these extraordinary furnishings to future generations. They are also functional in any home as a place for lamps, books, candles, vases and other decorative pieces.

Decorating with a purpose is always the smartest way to approach excellent home design. These accent pieces with marble tops or glass tops make perfect accents to add refinement and splendor. They will always add a complementary touch whether other home furnishings feature premium leather or fabric upholstery. They add a sense of gentility and sophistication that few other styles of accent pieces can add to a home.

Both glass top and marble top tables create a graceful ambiance and add a cool touch that can effectively offset warm color schemes used in a home. Table legs can vary from shiny, elegant brass, to silver or fine crystal. Styles and shapes of any decorative accent table should be chosen to enhance the overall theme of a room.

Marble is found in so many beautiful varieties. Gorgeous Marquina marble is a classic black Italian marble, featuring interesting and artistic veining patterns, which normally occur in a white color. Marquina marble makes a classical and bold statement any place it is used. Valencia marble is also popular in decorating today due to its wonderful array of color variations. Colors range from pure white to cream, light orange with darker orange veining, or many shades of rose-colored marble with various colors of veining.

accent tables - gorgeous carved wood accent table with black marble top

Fine Carrara marble has been used since ancient Roman times. It was a main element used when Michelangelo created the famous statue of David. It is also found prominently in interesting architectural structures like the Pantheon. Classic Carrara marble provides understated elegance, gentility and refinement when used in fine home decor. It makes a grand statement of splendor not found in many other materials used to create fine home accents.

The important thing to remember when choosing home accents is to be sure they make a nice addition to the home that is also a true representation of the homeowners style. Personalization is part of the charm of using elegantly designed accent pieces, thoughtfully interspersed into the design of a home. The result achieved is the creation of a room that is entirely unique to the home. True satisfaction comes when a person can look at their home and feel as if every piece of furniture and accent piece fits together into the design exactly the way it should.

occasional tables

accent tables for any occasion
The inherent beauty of occasional tables is that they do not have to be used for any single particular occasion. They are amazingly functional in any room at any time and they add style and elegance to any decor. Often used as a spot to hold a lamp or drinks or even a great book, these charming accent tables... about read more occasional accent tables >>

ocasional tables

an occasion for style: picking out an occasional table
Let's talk tables. They're in practically every room. You eat on them. You entertain on them. You decorate with them. So why shouldn't you love the table you own? Let your accent table be the talk of your home by picking out a gorgeous occasional table to add to your interior decor. When it comes to occasional tables, there is no rule for one size fits all. There is a whole world of table varieties, each with their own charm... about read more occasional tables and style >>

ocasional tables

infusing beauty and function with occasional tables
For sheer versatility in a room, occasional tables take the cake. This handy piece of furniture can be placed just about anywhere and has a multitude of different functions. Occasional tables are so named because they are tables with no officially designated use. Unlike dining tables or coffee tables, occasional tables are equally at home in any room within a home, and they work well on their own or as part of an ensemble of several furniture items.... about read more how to infuse beauty and function with occasional tables >>