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Ship Models
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classic small 1930s yacht union jack pond yacht
small 1930s yacht AAS134
21.5"W x 5"D x 23.5"H
$123.75 $99.00
Union Jack yacht AAS051
30.7"W x 5.5"D x 34.4"H
$186.25 $149.00
classic large 1930s yacht small ironsides ship
large 1930s yacht AAS135
35.4"W x 5.9"D x 35.4"H
$218.75 $175.00
small Ironsides ship AAS167
39"W x 5.7"D x 33.9"H
$248.75 $199.00
small columbia ship model newport sloop ship model
small Columbia AAS108F
37"W x 5.1"D x 35.4"H
$231.25 $185.00
Newport Sloop AAS168
39"W x 5.7"D x 33.9"H
$248.75 $199.00
medim columbia ship model large columbia ship model
medium Columbia ship model AAS076F
45.1"W x 7.1"D x 46.7"H
$386.75 $295.00
large Columbia ship model AAS075F
68.1"W x 9.1"D x 65.5"H
$743.75 $595.00
dragon olympic sail racer ship model 1937s j-yacht model - ranger
Olympic sail racer AAS078F
30.1"W x 7.1"D x 39"H
$281.25 $225.00
1937s J-yacht model AAS150
27.2"W x 5.5"D x 35"H
$406.25 $325.00
1934s j-yacht rainbow sail model 1901
1934s J-yacht model AAS152
25.6"W x 5.7"D x 34.1"H
$406.25 $325.00
sail yacht model 1901, AAS050
42.9"W x 6.3"D x 42.5"H
$281.25 $225.00
Titanic ship model
Titanic ship model AAS083
36"W x 7"D x 14.25"H
$1,123.75 $899.00
tramp steamer malacca ship model
Tramp Steamer, Malacca AAS303
26.75"W x 3.25"D x 10.75"H
$373.75 $299.00

Half Hull Models

tramp steamer rangoon ship model
Tramp Steamer 'Rangoon' half hull model AAS300
$218.75 $175.00
clipper lightning, 1876, half hull ship model
Clipper Lightning, 1854 half hull model AAS190
$343.75 $275.00
clipper argonaut, 1876 half hull model
Clipper Argonaut, 1876 half hull model AAS191
$343.75 $275.00
clipper thermopylae, 1876 half hull model
Clipper Thermopylae, 1876 half hull model AAS192
$343.75 $275.00


hydroplane boat model
Hydroplane boat model AAS182
$906.25 $725.00
thunder boat model
Thunder boat model AAS184
$1,123.75 $899.00
triple cockpit boat model
Triple cockpit boat model AAS183
$906.25 $725.00

Small Ship Models

red madeira yacht model blue madeira yacht model honey madeira yacht modell
red Madeira yacht AAS140F
17.7"W x 3.3"D x 16.5"H
$61.25 $49.00
blue Madeira Y6 AAS142F
17.7"W x 3.3"D x 16.5"H
$61.25 $49.00
honey Madeira Y3 AAS141F
17.7"W x 3.3"D x 16.5"H
$61.25 $49.00
green sailer red sailer blue sailer
green sailer AAS186
12.75"W x 3.25"D x 16"H
$56.25 $45.00
red sailer AAS187
12.75"W x 3.25"D x 16"H
$56.25 $45.00
blue sailer AAS188
12.75"W x 3.25"D x 16"H
$56.25 $45.00
yachts mobile sailing dinghies mini pond ship models
yachts mobile AAS130
$77.50 $62.00
sailing dinghies AAS170
$161.25 $129.00
mini pond yachts AAS057A
20.1"W x 3.1"D x 19.7"H
$236.25 $189.00
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model yachts

dream of a life on the sea with model yachts
The first line of a famous poem reads, "Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made". There is something dreamy and otherworldly about a graceful sailing yacht cutting through the water. Transform your dream into reality with beautiful, handcrafted sailing yacht models....read more about model yachts >>


evoking adventure and glamour with model boats
Even if you aren't a boat aficionado, the intricate realistic details that speedboat models contain are a source of intrigue and wonder. It's a fine display of the careful craftsmanship that is in such short supply these days, from the genuine leather seat upholstery to the richly grained real wood decks. These boat models can serve as excellent conversation pieces or as beautifully crafted pieces of art that are a joy to examine..... read on how to incorporate model boats in home or office decor >>

model ships

adding ambiance with model ships
Whether your interests lie in the direction of nautical artifacts or not, it's always a pleasure to examine the intricate craftsmanship and lifelike details of model ships. The hours of detailed work that goes into the making of ship models is clearly evident in the minute brass accents and the hand-stitched sails....read more about how model ships add to interior ambiance >>

ship models

sailing through history with miniature ship replicas
Ship models have captured the imaginations of people young and old. We imagine ourselves captaining or perhaps crewing on these diminutive, yet amazingly accurate representations of full-sized ships. Cruisers, sloops, yachts and racing ships gathered together in maritime museums or in private collections inspire minds to dream about a life on the water. Model shipbuilding has been a part of humanity since ancient times, with models from thousands of years ago providing archaeological evidence of how seafaring cultures devised and perfected watercraft.... read more about ship models >>

Lijnbaansgracht... was the name of the canal where Authentic Models was born in 1968. This was the canal where all the rope and cable workshops were located in the 16th and 17th centuries. They supplied the East India merchant fleets sailing out each spring from Amsterdam ports on the long voyage around Cape of Good Hope to New Holland, later Australia, and then north to the fabled Spice Islands of Molucca and on to Malacca.

Sailors then explored all the unknown corners of the world, expecting and often finding dangers. Using simple tools, sextants, compasses, logs and charts, they brought back artifacts, curiosities, commodities for the western markets.

That our nautical roots still influence us is clearly evident. Eons of sailing history and lore are represented in our collection of models, instruments, and cartography.

ready to launch Marblehead schooners at the local pond in the 1930s
ready to launch Marblehead schooners at the local pond in the 1930s

Sail models take us back to those beach and country park outings from our youth. A classic pond yacht showcases an era when children grew up with real, hands-on objects to play with and learn from. In our day and age, they represent a bygone era and are beloved as decor in beach cabins and homes.

Sail models

Facts about our ship models

1. All ship models are completely hand-made by skilled craftsman

2. Model ships have highest quality parts: hand sewn fabric sails with detailed stitching; each solid brass antique finished hardware made from individual molds.

3. Most ship and boat models are built plank-on frame, some ships have a solid carved hull.

4. Most model ships ready to rig. Detailed instructions explain easy assembly upon arrival.

5. All ship models come with table stands

6. Plans and drawings of introduced ships are researched in the archives of museums and national libraries. Our scale models are true miniature representations of the original yachts.

7. People love to admire the intricate details of the hulls, decks, rigging, and sails of our ship models. Scale ship models adorn the Oval Office at the White House, Wall Street offices, and private libraries.

8. All ships are made by the world leader in sailing ship model reproductions, and have implacable quality and attention to details


The grand old steamers that crossed the Atlantic have become legends. It's been close to a century now since the Titanic was lost. Some eighty years ago the first Queen Mary traveled between the port of Southampton and the Cunard pier in New York's harbor. Opulent First Class, its extraordinary luxury representing an era when time was more leisurely enjoyed. All that, while also transporting a generation of immigrants moving one-way, West to a New World.

These models make commanding centerpieces, adding romance to offices, restaurants, living rooms... or your very own store window.

coastal dining room decor with sail boat model on the fireplace mantel
interior design by Sara Richardson

The easy design of the dining / lounge area in this coastal home is inviting. Eclectic furnishings are complemented well by white-washed walls. Love the sail boat model that is given an importance by being placed on the fireplace mantel.

beautiful costal living room design with sail boat model above the fireplace; coastal living; nautical decor

A lovely combination of textures and colors in this airy living room. The furniture arrangement directed towards a gorgeous view of a bay. Love the window seat! It would be my favorite spot in the room. I think I could spend hours there with a cup of tea and nice book. So cozy and inviting...

Another admirable thing about this room is the masterful distribution of color; color blue that is. From the inviting navy blue sofa through the sea blue rug to the glossy blue sail boat model above the fireplace and down to accent pillows on the window seat your eye travels pleasantly through the room.

little boy with sail boat model; summer fun

That is what summer is all about.
Explore, Dream, Discover

Titanic ship model makes commanding centerpiece, adding romance to offices, restaurants, living rooms.