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Brass and Crystal Sconces

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traditional solid brass wall sconce with reed and ribbon motif and flame finial solid brass sconce with radiating oval design and tear drops on both handles sconce traditional solid brass wall sconce with light faux leather shade
brass wall sconce SB5064
$812.50 $650.00
brass wall sconce SB5979
$562.50 special: $320.00
cast brass sconce SC8411
$625.00 special:$380.00
brass sconce SB5978
$487.50 $390.00
hand-crafted solid brass wall sconce with bronze accents solid brass sconce with urn and swags motif outstanding quality elaborate solid brass wall sconce with bow and tassel design hand-crafted solid brass wall sconce with foliate design
brass wall sconce SB5063
$875.00 $700.00
brass wall sconce SB5192
$625.00 $500.00
brass wall sconce SB5067
$562.50 $450.00
brass wall sconce SB5030
$490.00 $392.00
solid brass wall sconce with leaf scrolls motif and rosette center solid brass and crystal sconce elegant brass and solid crystal sconce hand-crafted with peacock motif brass wall sconce with black trim 
brass sconce SB5116
$687.50 $550.00
crystal sconce SB8195
$937.50 $750.00
crystal sconce SB5155
$1,312.50 $1,050.00
brass wall sconce SB5135
$962.50 $770.00
rope and tassel solid brass wall sconce silver and crystal sconce silver and crystal sconce with peacock design cast brass sconce
brass sconce SB5538
$875.00 $700.00
crystal sconce SC8306
$965.00 $772.00
crystal sconce SC8307
$1,337.50 $1,070.00
cast brass sconce SC8414
$687.50 $550.00
one-light crystal sconce crystal sconce antique brass and crystal sconce one-light antique brass and crystal sconce
brass sconce SC8301
$587.50 $470.00
crystal sconce SC8303
$900.00 $720.00
crystal sconce SC8302
$812.50 $650.00
crystal sconce SC8300
$562.50 $450.00
cast brass and solid crystal sconce with square fabric shade brass and solid crystal sconce with round fabric shade cast brass and solid crystal sconce with square fabric shade traditional solid brass wall sconce in nickel finish
crystal sconce SC8407
$715.00 $572.00
crystal sconce SC8409
$625.00 $500.00
crystal sconce SC8426
$587.50 $470.00
wall sconce SB5997
$437.50 $350.00
nickel and crystal sconce nickel and crystal sconce solid crystal sconce in polished nickel finish solid brass wall sconce in polished nickel finish
crystal sconce SC8408
$750.00 $600.00
crystal sconce SC8410
$662.50 $530.00
crystal sconce SC8427
$625.00 $500.00
wall sconce SB8310
$500.00 special: $300.00
wrought iron sconce with crystal flowers and drops polished nickel sconce solid brass sconce wall sconce
wrought iron sconce WS7941
$1,687.50 $1,350.00
wall sconce SB8349
$437.50 $350.00
brass sconce SB8350
$375.00 $300.00
brass sconce SB5065
$487.50 special: $300.00

Hurricane Sconces and Candle Sconces

antiqued candle sconce lacquered candle sconce antiqued brass hurricane candle sconce lacquered brass hurricane candle sconce
antiqued hurricane sconce HS5113
$140.00 $126.00
lacquered hurricane sconce HS5112
$140.00 special: $126.00
antiqued hurricane sconce HS5178A
$217.00 special: $195.00
lacquered hurricane sconce HS5178B
$217.00 special: $195.00
wall sconce      
candle sconce SB5115
$242.00 $217.00
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Brass and Crystal Sconces Selection

On this page you'll find a selection of classily designed solid brass sconces, sconces with solid crystal accents, and mirror-back sconces. All sconces are electrified and they have a beautiful antique finish. All of the solid brass sconces introduced on this page are designed to not expose their candelabra bulbs. All featured sconces have fabric shades. Some of the traditional wall sconces are designed with one light, some of them are two light sconces. While the sizes of our traditional sconces are different the quality and exquisite detailing always remain the same.

Candle Sconces

Bring flickering glow and magical shimmer of candlelight with our quality candle sconces and hurricane sconces designed for use with candles. Our candle sconces collection includes hurricane sconces and solid brass candle sconces.

The difference between hurricane sconces and candle sconces is that hurricane sconces have hurricane chimneys that house a candle while candles placed on the candle sconces remain uncovered. All sconces from our collection are hand-crafted to the highest quality standards. Hurricane and candle sconces introduced on this page are made from solid brass and have incredibly detailed unique designs, outstanding quality finishes, and gracious proportions.

incorporating sconces

Incorporating sconces into your decor
Of all of the choices in lighting fixtures, wall sconces go back the furthest in time. From illuminating the corridors of ancient castles to brightening up the walls in today's homes, sconces can add both beauty and functionality to every more about how to incorporate sconces into your decor >>

beautiful sconces

Perfect sconces for any decor
Incorporating exquisite sconces into a home is both fun and exciting; however, it also takes a bit of planning. When installing sconces a few things you should consider are whether or not your sconces require electricity, which design matches your interior best, and how much light you will need... read more about sconces >>


Perfect sconces for any decor
Light up you world with beautiful quality sconces. The sconces are the first artificial interior lighting. It all started with the burning branches being propped in between rocks in the interior of the cave. While sconces always had a clear-cut purpose of providing light, they always let in a feeling of coziness and warmth.... read more about sconces origin >>

crystal accessories

The Feng Shui of light and crystal
Crystal is an extremely powerful elemental to incorporate into one's home. Crystal accessories, crystal lamps, sconces, crystal candlesticks practically any item of high-quality crystal can improve the Qi of your home, promoting harmony and peace. According to Feng Shui tradition, negative energy (or Shar Qi) also moves through the crystal... read more on crystal home accessories >>

crystal home accessories

Crystal accessories for your home
Picking out decorations for your home is so much fun because you are truly able to express yourself as an individual, couple or family. People opt for all different types of decor from truly traditional to completely modern, and you've likely considered a few different styles. Have you ever thought about crystal accessories though? Well, read on to discover how you can infuse them into your more about crystal home accessories >>


Electrified wall sconces
Electrified wall sconces are an alluring way to light your home. Magnificent traditional candle sconces that require candles provide accent lighting and are very romantic. However, electrified sconces and wall lanterns are more functional and provide additional illumination in a room. Wall sconces can be used to highlight a picture and always look great above a fireplace.... read more about electrified sconces >>

hurricane candle sconces

Beautiful candle sconces make decorating a breeze
Candle sconces used as primary sources of lighting for pioneer homes during colonial times or for castles during ancient and medieval times have been around for many years. It has only been in more recent times, especially since the invention of and use of electrical lighting, that sconces have been relegated to a more decorative role. Even today, they look stunning on any wall and add just a touch of light where there normally would be no light, or very dim light.... read more about candle sconces >>