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WWI Propellers

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small propeller small propeller in antique finish
small propeller AAP150
$148.75 $119.00
small propeller in antique finish AAP150F
$161.25 $129.00
WWI propeller with clock WWI wood propeller
WWI propeller with clock AAP154
$198.75 $159.00
WWI wood propeller AAP155
$286.25 $229.00
WWI propeller in french finish large decorative WWI wood propeller in french finish
WWI propeller in French finish AAP158
$373.75 $299.00
large WWI wood propeller in French finish AAP155F
$311.25 $249.00
Sopwith propeller, small sopwith propeller
Sopwith propeller, small AAP149
$223.75 $179.00
Sopwith propeller AAP159
$373.75 $299.00

Barnstormer Propellers with Rack

Barnstormer propeller rack Barnstormer propeller-1
Barnstormer propeller rack AAP148
$48.75 $39.00
Barnstormer propeller #1 AAP145
$223.75 $179.00
Barnstormer propeller - 2 Barnstormer propeller - 3
Barnstormer propeller #2 AAP146
$223.75 $179.00
Barnstormer propeller #3 AAP147
$223.75 $179.00
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wood propellers

propellers - a decorative spin on history
Looking for a way to make a room more interesting? Let your imagination take flight with propellers. Considered the tires of yester yore, propellers are popular today as memorabilia pieces that honor the flight traditions of mechanics, flight crews, and pilots in battle. ...read more about wood propellers >>

model planes and plane models

into the wild blue yonder with model planes
Humankind’s fascination with flying dates back to well before written history. Early humans, watching the birds flying high in the sky, no doubt wondered what it would be like if we could fly, free from the bonds of the earth. When flight became technologically possible, only the bravest dared to challenge gravity in a contraption made of wood, metal, glass and fabric—the era of the daredevils began... read more about model planes >>



You can't see the mechanic from your open cockpit. You yell... "Contact" and the propeller jumps to life, the plane starts to shudder. The mechanic pulls away the wheel blocks and escapes. The noise is incredible, a nine-cylinder Hispano-Suiza... spewing clouds of vaporized castor-oil.

Complete cacophony... the propeller is by now an invisible whirr. Out of the way, this is hands-on flight at its finest, ready for take-off! Adrenaline flows, the sky is beckoning.

At one time flight was all about wood and canvas, and even bamboo. A local cabinetmaker busy with the fuselage, a cane weaver making a cockpit fauteuil. Flight was accomplished with basically one handle to pull and a couple of gauges to check. No GPS yet. Visual sighting by identifying roads and churches. Aficionados of our amazing assortment of early flight artifacts will welcome a new and enticing metal clad propeller replica. Dating back to a time when pioneers conquered the air.

Wood propellers used to be replaced as often as tires. Old propellers were usually taken home, completed with a clock, and hung over the mantel. Mechanics, pilots, flight-crew. They wore propeller tiepins and badges and transformed propellers into memorabilia. A continuation of a flight-tradition...

The typical WWI flying ace was accustomed to wrecking a plane now and then. For good luck the propeller was turned into a clock and taken home.


The Sopwith was the mainstay fighter-plane in the British and USA air forces in the early 1900s. Brightly painted in various national colors, it ruled the skies for a number of years. Some of the propellers were later supplied by an American propeller maker.

Sopwith Propellers;
- original manufacturers decal from the 1920s;
- date and factory code numbers punched in center part;
- a great replica at an even greater price;

all propellers are hand made in solid wood

- all propellers are hand made in solid wood;

Admire the shape and finish of a wood creation that once propelled daring aviators over uncharted landscapes. Feel the smooth, somewhat distressed, honey finish. Picture it in a bar or a child’s room, a corner of the living room or a restaurant!